Young mom battling cancer gets a big surprise gift from a Secret Santa

A deserving mom was taken aback when the Secret Santa’s helpers showed up unexpectedly at her house.

Natalie is a wonderful young mother of two adorable daughters, ages three and eight months.

Earlier this year, while pregnant with her second child, her knee was hurting but she believed the pregnancy was to blame. After having the baby, she still suffered from the pain and a few months ago, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, which is a type of bone cancer.

Since then, she has been undergoing radiation treatments in Salt Lake City and the couple has to travel back and forth between their home in Shelly and Utah.

Last month, she went in for an extensive surgery, which lasted for 12 hours. The cancerous part of her leg was removed and her foot was attached to her knee to serve as a knee joint. She was in the ICU for some time before recently going back home. Natalie will receive a prosthetic leg, but she still has a long road ahead and will continue to receive chemo in the coming months.

Natalie’s family (Screenshot).

Her family are currently borrowing a car from a family member after theirs broke down. They can’t afford to get another one as Natalie’s medical bills are piling up.

A Secret Santa asked the East Idaho News team to deliver Christmas presents early to Natalie and her family.

“In these boxes, we have $3,000 in gas cards so they can get back and forth to those appointments in Utah, $2,000 in grocery gift cards to help keep their pantry stocked up this winter, also a $1,000 check to help pay for insurance and registration on this, a car, a Honda CRV,” explained Nate Eaton, one of the gift deliverers.

She became emotional and shed tears of happiness as she opened a gift box with the key car inside.

Social media users were touched over the emotional moment, one person commenting: “These all make me tear up. Thank you secret Santa. While I don’t have the resources to do what you do, I do have the ability to make someone’s life a little better. You have inspired me to do just that. God bless and merry Christmas”.

Another said: “What a blessing you are to all who receive gifts from Secret Santa. S.S. What a blessing you are to be able give to all the deserving people”.

Check out their visit in the video player!