Young fan drills Keanu with questions after a long flight, and he handles it with class

Keanu Reeves made a low-key appearance at an NYC airport baggage claim carousel, almost slipping under the radar. However, a young boy approached him and engaged in a memorable conversation, affirming what we already know: Keanu is a true gentleman.

On July 4th, while traveling from London to New York City, the Canadian actor found himself at the bag claim area when a young fan approached him with some intriguing talking points. Unlike most celebrities who swiftly collect their belongings and make a hasty exit to evade the paparazzi, Keanu gladly stayed back to chat with the enthusiastic youngster.

Thanks to TV producer Andrew Kimmel, who live-tweeted the entire interaction, we have evidence that Keanu effortlessly handles impromptu questions on significant subjects.

The unnamed boy bombarded Reeves with queries about his time in London (filming a documentary) and his preference for racing cars (he’s actually a fan of motorcycles). Keanu promptly responded to each question with ease.

Keanu is widely known for his iconic roles as Ted “Theodore” Logan, Neo, and John Wick. Regardless of the film he appears in, his real-life persona as a genuinely nice person remains a fan favorite. When the curious young fan mistakenly pronounced “Grand Prix” with an ‘x,’ Keanu didn’t correct him. Instead, he playfully repeated the word in a French accent.

Continuing his interrogation, the boy probed Keanu about his activities in New York and the duration of his stay. Questions such as “Why were you in Europe?” and “Which galleries did you visit in Paris?” were fired at the actor.

Andrew, who observed the entire exchange, emphasized that Keanu couldn’t have been more gracious. However, an avid fan noticed striking similarities between this interaction and a scene from the movie “Uncle Buck.” In the film, a young Macaulay Culkin bombards John Candy’s character with rapid-fire questions, and the conversation takes a playful turn with Candy returning the favor.

Although the actors and context may differ, the charming banter between Keanu and the unnamed boy had a reminiscent quality, albeit 33 years apart.

Once the conversation concluded, Andrew couldn’t resist seizing the opportunity to request a photo with Keanu.

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