Young boy sacrifices his only toy to provide food for his struggling mother and sibling

A touching video of a young boy was posted on TikTok, where he spoke from the heart, capturing the attention of millions of viewers. The young child, with tears in his eyes, announced his intention to sell his only toy in order to support his mother and brother who were struggling financially.

Lupito, a young boy from Durango, Mexico, lived in a small home with his mother and younger brother. Despite his desire to play and have fun like other boys his age, circumstances were not in his favor.

The young Lupito, aware of the struggles his family was facing, took it upon himself to make a difference. He picked up the one and only toy he owned, a ball, and set out on a mission to aid his mother and younger brother.

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He Had a Plan

Undeterred, Lupito approached a group of people, offering to sell his ball for a small sum of money. Although the people felt sad for the boy, they were unable to help him in the way he desired. Lupito’s heart sank as he realized his plan had failed.

Ruben Cervantes, a man on TikTok, noticed the young Lupito standing with his ball, trying to sell it. Intrigued, he approached the boy and asked the reason for his actions.

Upon discovering that Lupito was selling his toy to support his family, Cervantes approached the boy and inquired about the price. Lupito responded by saying:

“I don’t want money. I want milk and bread for my brother.”

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The Heartbreaking Video

Cervantes captured his interaction with Lupito and shared it on TikTok, touching the hearts of countless individuals. The clip went viral, with over 50,000 shares and 17,000 comments.

The audience was taken aback by Lupito’s answer. They were astounded at how a young child could possess such a mature understanding. Lupito requested food rather than money from the man.

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He Deserved a Reward

In the footage, Lupito smiled as Cervantes retrieved the toy and embraced him. Cervantes informed Lupito that he had no trouble buying the food he needed, and was eager to lend a hand.

Additionally, Cervantes questioned Lupito on his beliefs in God, to which the young boy replied affirmatively. Little did Lupito realize that his faith in a higher power and virtuous motives would soon lead to an unforeseen reward.

As opposed to other children his age who were living a joyful and carefree life, Lupito was troubled by his family’s financial situation. Upon learning that Lupito was forced to sell his sole toy due to financial hardship, many people on the internet felt a sense of sadness.

Cervantes leaves a reward for Lupito. | Source:
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The Surprise

After opening up to Cervantes about his concerns, the man shocked Lupito’s family with a box overflowing with food supplies. Cervantes was part of an organization called “Heroes Without a Cape,” which aided those in need in various ways.

Upon discovering Lupito’s circumstances, Cervantes informed his organization. Soon after, another video appeared on TikTok, showing Cervantes leaving a box and a bag outside of Lupito’s house, and then knocking on the door before departing.

Moments later, Lupito’s mother stepped outside and read the note left by Cervantes alongside the delivery. The note read:

“Don’t lose faith.”


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Having perused the message, the mother went back inside and summoned her son. They gathered the food supplies and brought them into their home.

In the video, Cervantes displayed the contents of the box. In addition to essential kitchen supplies, the box contained fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, toilet paper, a carton of eggs, cash, and a new toy ball for Lupito. The internet community greatly appreciated the organization’s benevolent gesture, and we hope they continue to aid individuals like Lupito. The young boy also had a message for his father.

“I miss you a lot. I want you to come so that my brother doesn’t cry anymore. I’m going to behave very well. We are waiting for you with my grandmother.”