Young boy, missing deployed dad, turns to neighbor with irresistible request

Do you recall the chores you helped your parents with while growing up? Perhaps it was tending to the yard, assisting in the kitchen, or tidying up the house. Such childhood tasks play a vital role in instilling a strong work ethic from an early age.

In the case of young Brian Kelly, his father had been his regular yardwork partner. They would spend time outdoors, bonding over gardening and play. However, a somber turn of events occurred when Brian’s dad was deployed to Syria, leaving him yearning for their shared activities.

Dad's visit to her daughter following the birth becomes a viral sensation

One day, as Brian noticed his neighbors, the Cravens, engaging in yardwork, he approached them with a heartfelt request to lend a helping hand. Dean Craven, touched by Brian’s desire, readily agreed to the offer. It was evident that Brian was missing his dad, and rekindling their shared chores brought a sense of solace.

As a result, Brian began visiting Dean daily, assisting with yardwork. Dean, a father of three daughters, welcomed the opportunity to partake in classic father-son activities with Brian. They even ventured into playing golf and basketball together, bridging the gap left by Brian’s father’s absence.

Dad's visit to her daughter following the birth becomes a viral sensation

Dean’s willingness to accommodate Brian’s request not only provided an extra set of hands but also helped impart valuable life skills. It was a gesture of support for Brian’s father, Dan, who was serving his country abroad. Dan would undoubtedly be heartened to know that his neighbor had stepped in to lend a hand to his son during his absence.

With recent developments and the shifting presence of U.S. troops in Syria, there is hope that Brian might soon be reunited with his dad. The prospect of their reunion is eagerly awaited.

Molly Cravens, one of Dean’s daughters, documented these heartwarming moments of kindness and posted them on Twitter. The response from Twitter users was overwhelmingly positive, with Molly’s tweet receiving over 20,000 likes and numerous supportive comments.

Such acts of kindness and neighborly love, as demonstrated by the Cravens, are a rare and heartwarming testament to the power of community bonds. They remind us of the goodness that exists in the world, especially during challenging times.

Brian’s mom acknowledges that the situation is temporary but expresses gratitude for Dean’s involvement in Brian’s life, providing a positive male role model in his father’s absence. It’s a challenging situation for any family, and Dean’s generosity is a beacon of hope and support during these trying times.

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