‘Words fail me’: 50-year-old triumphs over infertility, welcoming first child

In many instances, life takes its own course, diverging from our meticulously crafted plans. However, the inspiring journey of Susie and Tony Troxler serves as a testament to the beauty of unexpected turns.

At ages 50 and 61, Susie and Tony exchanged vows over 13 years ago, their aspiration to conceive a child naturally ignited. Yet, their attempts yielded no fruition.

Susie shared, “Upon marrying, the presumption was that parenthood would swiftly follow. But our upbringing instilled traditional values; concepts like IVF [in-vitro fertilization] were unheard of.”

During one of Susie’s annual medical examinations with her newly appointed OBGYN, alternative avenues surfaced. Their introduction was orchestrated by Tony’s employment within the security division.

Oil tanker and a cruise ship carrying thousands collide, resulting in injuries to the passengers

In Susie’s words, “As the consultation concluded, she posed a question unprecedented in my medical experience: ‘Are there any other concerns?’ Spurred by this inquiry, I mentioned our struggle with infertility. She responded, ‘Let’s address that.'”

Ordinarily, Dr. Carolyn Harraway-Smith, her OBGYN, would refer Susie to a fertility specialist. However, considering Susie’s age, time was of the essence, prompting a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist. This consultation unveiled Susie’s fibrosis and endometriosis.

Oil tanker and a cruise ship carrying thousands collide, resulting in injuries to the passengers

In 2019, surgery eradicated the fibrosis. Regrettably, due to the amalgamation of health complications and age, natural conception remained implausible. Undaunted, Susie and Tony embarked on the IVF journey, cognizant of its uncertainties and the risk of incomplete gestation.

Susie recalled, “The physician was forthright about the arduous nature of this undertaking. Following my fibroid surgery in January 2019, and subsequent recovery, multiple rounds of egg retrieval and insemination ensued. Alas, none bore fruit.”

Oil tanker and a cruise ship carrying thousands collide, resulting in injuries to the passengers

Resorting to egg donation, they secured two viable embryos. The initial attempt faltered. The ensuing months ushered in a pandemic, placing their aspirations on hold. Yet, Susie and Tony’s perspective fueled their perseverance.

Susie reflected, “Our happiness wasn’t contingent on parenthood. While the absence of our biological children would have been disappointing, we would have embraced it with equanimity.”

In February 2021, their last viable embryo beckoned the final opportunity, a chance that proved sufficient.

“The ineffable,” Susie mused.

Following an arduous pregnancy journey, Susie’s “remarkably smooth” pregnancy culminated in a planned C-section on September 29, 2021. Lily Antonia Troxler, their long-awaited miracle, made her eagerly anticipated entrance.

Tony expressed, “Even now, I’m awestruck by her. Prior to her birth, she had already captivated me.”

Susie added, “Words elude me; it’s surreal. I still pinch myself. My identity encompassed personal growth and marriage. Thus, assuming the mantle of motherhood is profoundly transformative.”

Subsequent months witnessed Susie and Tony reveling in the joys of newfound parenthood.

Susie shared, “The early hours of the morning, when I cradle her and she locks eyes with me, impervious to sleep, hold profound significance. These moments are irretrievable. Thus, I am committed to savoring even the sleep-deprived instances, as they were almost denied to us.”

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