Woman’s face melted due to a prank played by her friends. A year later, she is unrecognizable

We are all aware that it is best to refrain from playing with fire.

It all started when some of her pals decided to pull a joke on her at the neighborhood bar; regrettably, none of them could have predicted the outcomes.

April found that her face melted when she awoke in the hospital. The medical professionals there then informed her that she had third-degree burns.

Since the horrible tragedy, she has had numerous procedures and treatments. Finally, she is being brave enough to reappear.

We learn early on that some items in the world are either too volatile or harmful to be suited for play. Of course, fire frequently appears on that list.

With her cousin Ashleigh and a few pals, April was celebrating her birthday in April 2021 by going to her neighborhood pub. The fact that it was April and her cousin’s first night out following England’s rigorous COVID lockdown made it a particularly memorable day for many reasons. And It was simply a day to celebrate.

However, the evening quickly devolved into a nightmare.

One of the men in their group made the decision to play a joke that would ultimately turn out very badly for them. It has been alleged that the man threw ethanol on a heater at the pub, which resulted in the bottle of fuel exploding.

April and Ashleigh were sitting when they witnessed a blast of flames, which caused them to become terrified; the bottle exploded just a few feet away from where they were sitting. The New York Post reports that both women ”were engulfed in flames” at the time of the incident.

April sustained significant burns to her face, chest, and hands. Ashleigh was hurt as well.

At first, April did not believe that the situation was all that serious. Despite the fact that she experienced the anguish, she was unable to grasp the seriousness of the situation.

At first, April did not believe that the situation was all that serious. Despite the fact that she experienced the anguish, she was unable to grasp the seriousness of the situation.

She was in a state of severe disbelief. According to reports, the only thing she uttered was:

“I’m ok. I want to go home and see my son.”

But just a little while later, she began to feel even worse, and she was taken to the hospital as quickly as possible by an ambulance.

When April finally got to the emergency department, the situation was already in such a critical state that the physicians had no choice but to put her into a coma for the next four days.

April was in excruciating pain, and medical personnel came to the conclusion that she had sustained burns of the third degree. In addition, April was required to go through a number of procedures and therapies in the hope that her face could be restored.

April’s face was completely covered in bandages in an effort to hasten the healing of the severe wounds.

In total, she was hospitalized for a period of two months in the intensive care unit. The mother, who was in her twenties at the time, was permitted to have visitors, but her son, who was eight years old at the time, was so shaken up when he saw his mother’s face that he didn’t want to sit alongside her for months.

He was too terrified to look at his mother’s face through all of the bandages that were on her. April was required to wear a face and breast shield for the entirety of her treatment, which, while effective, is quite unpleasant to wear for such a long period of time.

At the same time that April was battling for her life in the hospital, her cousin Ashleigh, who was also very ill, was also on a ventilator. She had a lot of life experience thanks to her job as a children’s nurse.

It was difficult for Ashleigh to recuperate from the accident, and she referred to the anguish she was in as “unreal.” At first, she couldn’t bring herself to look in the mirror at her reflection. However, April and Ashleigh made it through all of this difficulties together.

Additionally, April has been compelled to wear the plastic mask to sleep, which has been a difficult and unpleasant experience for her. As if that weren’t bad enough, every six weeks she had to get laser treatment for her scars.

It has been over a year and a half after the terrible accident, and despite the fact that the therapies have been beneficial, April is still having a difficult time. Since the incident, she has developed a severe fear of interacting with people, to the point where she won’t even walk outside the house.

The mother of one, who is 28 years old, finds it extremely difficult to expose her scarred face to people she does not know and would much rather remain at home with her child.

Today, she is able to conceal the most of the scars on her face with makeup, and judging by the photos on April’s Instagram account, she appears to have made a full recovery over the course of the past year and a half.

Even though the former party girl doesn’t go out as frequently as she once did, April has made the decision to tell her life’s tale in the hopes of inspiring others.