Woman whispers to stranger as she passes by in the street, “Act like you know me”

Women are used to experiencing fear and weighing the risks associated with every circumstance they encounter on a daily basis.

Women are constantly aware of their surroundings and can’t help but feel fearful of what might happen, whether they are walking down a quiet street or going back to their car in a parking lot at night.

Three men were walking behind a woman who was out for a stroll in New York.

They followed her as she ran to get home, and as she realized how quiet the area was around her, she started to feel afraid.

She saw a man at that point and realized it might be her last opportunity to find safety if she didn’t try to ask for assistance.

Please act like you know me, three guys have been following me for a while, she said as she hugged the stranger tightly.

Dane Weeks was distracted by his phone when she acted, and he was taken aback. She then took hold of his hand firmly and led him three blocks to the residence of the woman, telling him that she had to return to her son.

Additionally, he discovered that the woman had entered a store to try to elude the men, but when she emerged, she discovered that they were waiting outside a restaurant.

Dane thanked the woman on Twitter for introducing him to the daily struggles that women and girls face after the incident.

He wrote on Twitter and apologized to her for making her feel that way, saying:  “She said, you’re feeling like this, now imagine what every girl and woman feels like. “I also thank her for bringing me into the world of women.”

The woman told the man that the men had followed her off the train after she was making her way home after working late.

She pleaded with Dane, saying, “Please accept being my hero that night, I really thought my son would’ve been motherless & my mother daughterless.”

To Dane’s tweet, more than 370,000 people responded.

“I didn’t expect this post to touch so many people, I needed to get this emotion out and share it on my account,” he added.
“This is sad, women and girls have to live in this type of fear because us men have created an environment of toxicity. I will do better.”