Woman turns 100 on the same day as the first birthday of her great-great-granddaughter

It’s great to have grandchildren, but not many people get to see their grandchildren have children of their own. For those who do, it’s probably like having their first set of grandchildren all over again.

And surely there are benefits to living such a long life. You’ll have a wealth of life experience, and you’ll have traveled further and seen more of the world than most others. I suppose that’s why experiencing something as humbling and life-changing as spending time with your grandchildren can be so rewarding.

However, at some point in the future, your grandchildren will have grandchildren of their own, and those grandchildren’s grandchildren will do the same thing. Do you ever wish that you could just be there to hug and hold each and every one of them?

Vivian Dahl is a great great grandma, which is a milestone that not very many people reach in their lives

Due to the fact that her 100th birthday and that of her great great granddaughter fall on the same day, the family joined forces to celebrate together.

This is very important. Not merely a fantastic grandmother, Vivian is also. She is a really ancient granny. Unlike most individuals, Vivian has been around for a very long time and has witnessed two additional generations of her family.

Those who reach this age are known as centenarians, and there are now 500,000 of them in existence. or, at the very least, the most recent estimate made by the UN. The fact that the number appears to be rising is particularly intriguing.

Several generations’ worth of memories are captured in the image of Eloise and Vivian, all as seen through their eyes.

Vivian sees a new family member for the first time one hundred years later, and Eloise’s naive eyes glance back at someone who has experienced everything.

I hope you both have a wonderful birthday, Eloise and Vivian! At the celebration that their family planned for them at Lake Crystal, I hope they had a great time.