Woman stuck in a submerged car near an alligator is saved by a paraglider who lands in a hurry

It was like a fateful arrangement when Christiano Piquet appeared in that place at the right time.

Every Sunday before going to church, the Miami real estate agent was flying his paramotor, a personal flying device made up of a paraglider and an engine-powered propeller attached to the pilot, when he spotted an alligator in a canal close to Homestead, Florida.

He stepped down to have a better look when he saw a woman crying for assistance while clinging to the roof of a submerged automobile in the canal. He recalled: “I turned around to get a shot of the alligator, and I saw a car under the water. I flew closer to the car and I saw a woman on top.”

The man, who was wearing a body camera at the time, was able to record video of the surprising discovery as well as the woman’s successful rescue. The video reveals that Piquet made an emergency landing and then removed the heavy equipment that was on his back before racing toward her and asked if she required any assistance.

It is possible to hear the woman screaming, “Oh my God!. I fell with my car in here.”

According to NBC Miami’s reporting, the ruckus ultimately attracted the notice of a person who lived in the area and came to help with a rope. The woman was rescued in a matter of minutes, and despite the fact that she first appeared to be in a state of shock, she appeared to be well after she was returned to dry land.

Piquet stated that at that very moment, he believed God was telling to him. It was a disastrous landing circumstance since he landed in a spot where there were power lines and uneven ground. He had a serene demeanor for unknown reasons.

At around 8:35 a.m. on October 30, Miami-Dade fire verified that six units responded to a traffic collision that involved a car becoming submerged in a canal in the area of the 20400 block of Southwest 192nd Street. They noticed the driver had already climbed out of the water by the time they got at the site. A search was conducted to ensure that no one else was in the canal as medical personnel carried the woman to a nearby hospital for evaluation of her injuries.

Piquet, who began paramotoring in 2015, stated that he was delighted to have missed church because it meant that he was able to assist in saving the life of the woman who may have drowned if he hadn’t crossed above the canal at that specific time. He said: “For some reason I was better suited being there at the right place and the right time.”