Woman shocked to find out stranger residing beneath her floorboards for several months

A TikTok video that’s gone viral tells the unsettling story of Ashly Guardino, a California resident. She made a chilling discovery when she found a man’s arm extending out from under her house, revealing that a stranger had been secretly living beneath her floorboards for several months.

A woman has revealed her unsettling experience of uncovering a total stranger who had covertly taken up residence within the floorboards beneath her home “for months.”

Hailing from California, Ashly Guardino recounted how she became aware of an unusual sound, initially suspecting that someone might be on her roof. Motivated by curiosity, she opted to delve into the source of the noise.

In a video that has garnered over six million views within a matter of days, she recounted, “I’m standing at the front door and I’m, like, peeking out and I see the grass moving,” she said “A f***ing arm comes out of the hole and is feeling around.”

She then adjusted the camera to capture the exposed opening near her front door before shifting her perspective to the side of her house, demonstrating how the intruder gained access to the crawl space.

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She said: “A whole a** man living here for months. Living underneath the house. You know how creepy it is to see a f***ing arm come out… feeling around the side of the house?”

Subsequently, the video depicts a police officer engaging in a conversation with the individual beneath Ashly’s residence, followed by a transition to two officers brandishing their firearms. They instruct the man to ascend from the aperture.

Over time, the man emerges from the crawl space and is apprehended by law enforcement. After observing him closely, Ashly asserted that he appeared to be under the influence and documented the officers guiding him into a police vehicle before the video concludes.

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