Woman saved by a TV reporter from submerged car during deadly storm

Robert Ray, a FOX Weather multimedia journalist, rescued a woman whose life was threatened by the storm he was reporting on.

FOX Weather reported on the incident that occurred on Monday as Ray was preparing to report live from Dallas, Texas on the flooding. Dallas received more than 15 inches of precipitation between Sunday night and Monday morning.

Stephanie Carroll did not see the threatening water in front of her and drove past the reporter directly into the water-covered roadway, where her vehicle was immediately submerged.

“She literally, as I was standing here setting up for the shot, guys, pulled in and didn’t realize it,” Ray said. “The next thing you know, her car was floating. So, I went out there and tried to push her vehicle as best I could.”

After a failed attempt to “push the car closer to higher ground,” Ray decided to hoist the woman out of the car from the passenger side window.

Shannon Murray of Fox News posted a clip of the incident to her Twitter feed commenting, “Just witnessed @foxweather reporter @RobertRayWx rescue a woman from this vehicle … Terrifying moment — so glad everyone is ok.”

Global News reported that at least one woman died in her car in the Dallas flooding after her vehicle was swept away by the rushing waters.

According to CNN, “Dallas Fire-Rescue tweeted that the agency has responded to 195 high-water rescues around the city from 6 p.m. Sunday to 1:37 pm Monday, while the Fort Worth Fire Department said it had conducted 174 investigations/rescues. Hundreds of traffic accidents also have been reported, according to the Dallas Police Department.”

The woman Ray rescued thought she was going to die. She told Ray, “I thought I was going to drown.”

Carroll was grateful Ray was in the right place at the right time and willing to act. “I’m OK,” Carroll said. “I’m OK by the grace of God.”

Watch the video: