Woman raises doubts about existence of dinosaurs due to ‘their bones aren’t everywhere’

In under two minutes, a woman has managed to both question the existence of dinosaurs and put forth a conspiracy theory involving giant humanoids.

She shared a TikTok video in which she pondered why dinosaur bones are not spread across the entire planet but are instead concentrated in specific areas.

Considering the vastness of the world and the belief that ancient species once inhabited various regions, the limited number of significant archaeological sites containing abundant fossils appears rather perplexing.

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The woman said: “Why is it that the average Joe has never dug them up?

“Like why haven’t you or I or anyone we know ever found a bone?”

She contended that bones typically undergo deterioration within a few years, prompting her to inquire why dinosaur remains have seemingly endured in the ground for tens of millions of years.

In her video, she asserted that “they” may have deliberately presented these creatures to us and fostered our belief in them, all while displaying images of exceptionally large humans or skeletons, some of which appeared to lack authenticity.

Subsequently, she embarked on a discussion about the Nephilim, frequently described as “mysterious beings or people in the Hebrew Bible who are described as being large and strong” or the “fallen ones.” She presented historical depictions that purportedly represented these enigmatic beings.

She also contemplated the feasibility of any entity surviving a meteor impact on Earth, akin to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs. She remarked, “There wouldn’t be anything left, let alone bones,” addressing the camera with the assertion that “It’s easy to connect the dots once your eyes are open.”

She suggested that the phrase “open your eyes” is a common refrain among conspiracy theorists, remarking that if she had a dollar for every time she heard it, she’d be a millionaire.

Towards the end of her video, she stated, “It’s just another thing made up to keep us from the truth,” concluding by asserting that giants did indeed exist.

Regarding one of her inquiries, it was explained that while bones can deteriorate over several decades, the abundance of dinosaur bones discovered over time is attributable to the process of fossilization. During this process, minerals gradually replace the organic components of bones, effectively turning them into stone.

As for the question of why dinosaur fossils are not found everywhere, Dr. David Button, a dinosaur researcher at the Natural History Museum, clarified, “Most of the dinosaur fossils we find are from animals that were living near to a lake or river.”

“Some died shortly before the area flooded and covered their remains in mud and silt. Others were washed into a river by heavy rain.”

He further explained, “We don’t know about many dinosaurs that lived in jungle or mountain environments. Fossils are very unlikely to form in such situations.”

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