Woman mistakes the elevator for a parking area and drove smart car 35 feet down the shaft

Finding a spot that is appropriate for parking your vehicle can be a frustrating ordeal at times.

However, a woman’s parking mishap went worse after she confused a lift for a car parking slot in an underground parking garage. This caused her to damage both her vehicle and the elevator.

On Saturday, a driver who was 38 years old and originally from the city of Stuttgart in Germany, was searching for a space to park her Smart car when she unexpectedly fell down a lift shaft, which was 35 feet below ground level.

But because the lift was in fact not a place where a car should go, at around 10:30 am, the doors of the lift burst open, sending her automobile on a 10-meter vertical plummet that ended with it crashing upside down on top of the lift.

The woman managed to free herself and immediately requested assistance from the neighborhood firefighters.

A representative for Stuttgart Fire Department said the incident: “The woman was able to climb out of her Smart and make an emergency call with her cell phone.”

The driver was then saved by two firefighters who abseiled down the lift shaft and secured her to a stretcher.

Other firefighters then hauled her up out of the danger zone and to safety after administering first aid to her.

In order to perhaps stop any future parking mishaps, firefighters then covered up the destroyed lift door with wood, and the lift was quickly taken out of service.

The Smart car that had crashed was then brought to the surface by specialists.

The victim was given over to the rescue service and sent to a hospital for additional treatment after being rescued from the elevator shaft, according to a statement from Daniel Anand, a press and public relations officer with the fire rescue organization.

Later, the woman spoke about the incident with the German tabloid Bild: “I have no idea how that could have happened. Physically, I’m fine again.”