Woman makes chilling discovery in 150-year-old house: ‘Sept 10 Doomsday’

During a home renovation involving wall-stripping, a TikTok user stumbled upon a truly bizarre coincidence.

While removing wallpaper from her 150-year-old Georgian apartment, a woman stumbled upon a eerie message that appeared to be a warning, and it happened to coincide mysteriously with her birthday.

Loubobang, the woman in question, took to TikTok to share a video showcasing the partially stripped walls, revealing layers of torn wallpaper. In the background, her voice narrated how she was typically unfazed by unsettling discoveries in the old residence.

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Photo of a strange writing on the wall | Photo: tiktok.com/@loubobang

However, her most recent discovery left her completely unsettled. She directed the camera towards a message on the wall that read, “Sept 10, Doomsday,” and she admitted to feeling a sense of unease immediately after making this discovery.

The comedy writer went on to explain that what truly unnerved her was the date mentioned in the message, September 10, as it happened to be her birthday. She acknowledged that the situation was starting to feel increasingly bizarre.

After sharing her account of this disturbing encounter, TikTok users inundated Loubobang’s comments section with comforting words. Many advised her to consider leaving the apartment, viewing it as a foreboding symbol of impending doom.

Some users attempted to offer alternative interpretations of the wall inscription. Their reasons ranged from potential spelling errors to the possibility of it being a record of important information. One user wrote:

“Whoever wrote this must have been Canadian. It’s on this date in 1939, Mackenzie King the 10th Prime Minister of Canada, declares war on Germany.”

Another user suggested that the message might have been intended to read “Looms Day.” They pointed out that inventor Elias Howe received a patent for his sewing machine on September 10, 1846, which could potentially be the significance behind the date mentioned.

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Photo of a stripped down wall during renovation | Photo: tiktok.com/@loubobang

A third user suggested that the date could actually mean “Doors day,” possibly signifying the expected date for door deliveries in the past. To support this interpretation, another TikToker mentioned that a quick online search of the date did not reveal any doomsday predictions associated with it.

Additionally, several users shared their own eerie experiences, recounting instances of encountering pentagrams, demonic drawings, and other unsettling symbols in their new homes. One user shared their experience, saying:

“When my parents stripped their bedroom in like 2010 (the wallpaper was from the 80s) there was a note that said hello Pauline (my mom’s name).”

Baby Hulk defeats the odds: Rare condition can't stop her
A user’s comment on the viral post | Photo: tiktok.com/@loubobang

Another user shared her experience of finding similar scribbles on the walls of her Victorian house, accompanied by a drawing of a lady with two horns, adding to the overall mysterious atmosphere.

In an attempt to lighten the mood, some users offered humorous interpretations of the situation. One joked that a doctor from the past might be trying to send a message, while another playfully quipped:

“September 10th was my doomsday, it was the day my little sister was born.”

Baby Hulk defeats the odds: Rare condition can't stop her
A user’s comment on the viral post | Photo: tiktok.com/@loubobang

While some comments dismissed the video as a publicity stunt related to the comedian’s birthday, many offered sincere advice, urging the woman to exercise caution regardless of the message’s meaning, to ensure her safety in the future.

The mystery behind Loubobang’s unsettling discovery, whether it portends an impending catastrophe for the world or is somehow connected to the comedy writer herself, leaves us all in suspense. All we can do is wait and hope that September 10th brings some clarity to the situation.

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