Woman hugs man and whispers “help” in his ear as she is aware that three people are following her

She was hugging a man she didn’t know, but she trusted her instincts and it turned out to be the perfect decision.

Walking about alone yourself at night, particularly if you are a woman, can be a nerve-wracking and frightening experience. You just never know when anything horrible is going to occur. The fact that this is the case, even how tragic it may be, is nonetheless true.

Unfortunately, female travelers are frequently the focus of unwanted attention. In order to protect themselves, many women carry pepper spray or whistles with them whenever they go out. However, there are situations when this is simply not enough.

This is the situation that confronts a woman who is making her way home late at night in New York City.

She was only attempting to get back to her son when she discovered that she was being followed by three unknown people. They were just standing nearby. She had a gut feeling that she was being followed, so she took decisive action to protect herself in the dark.

The worried woman went up to a black man who was passing by the railway station and asked for help. His name was Dane Weeks.


She threw her arms around the total stranger in a rushed manner and muttered something into his ear, imploring with him to act as if he knew who she was. She then explained that someone was following her.

Weeks published a post to his Twitter account detailing the entire occurrence and sharing his thoughts about it.

“I’m walking to the train a few minutes ago and a woman walked right up to me and gave me a tight hug and whispered quickly, “please act like you know me 3 guys are following me for a while” I played along then walked her 3 blocks home. What an experience for the both of us.“

Even though Weeks had a moment of hesitation, he eventually got himself together to do the task at hand and walked her the rest of the way to her house.

When it comes to being a good citizen, sometimes it means helping someone carry in the groceries, and other times it is escorting a total stranger through the dark to their own home.

“I’m not going to act like I didn’t hesitate because we’re in New York, people set you up real quick. Her hug was too real to be fake, and three men was following behind at a distance. As walked and talk i realized she was terrified, she kept saying i have to get home to her son.”

The woman expressed her appreciation to him for his prompt response and willingness under the difficult circumstance.

Weeks understood how difficult it was for a lady to make her way home in the dark. Although he had never faced a scenario like that personally, he could see how afraid she really was.

He made her a very generous offer after that.

“We exchanged numbers, I told her my boyfriend & I would meet her at the train anytime if we’re home. The route she have to take home she has to walk under the train tracks, no other way, plus its dark. She said she would call again, I hope she do. I will call tomorrow to check in.”

The article has received over 377k likes and 64.2k retweets since it was posted on Twitter. Many people’s lives have been touched by Weeks’ story of unwavering kindness and everyday bravery.