Woman goes to great lengths to adopt husband’s ex-wife’s child, saving him from foster care

Christie and Wesley Werts have embraced the concept of a blended family wholeheartedly. Five years ago, they fell in love and married, bringing together her children, Megan and Vance, and his children, Austin and Dakota.

Now, as of January, their Ohio family has grown to include five children. They adopted 2-year-old Levi, who happens to be the son of Wesley’s late ex-wife. Tragically, the ex-wife gave birth prematurely to Levi, just 33 weeks into her pregnancy, and she passed away shortly after due to drug addiction and complications from COVID-19.

When Levi was born, he had no first name or birth certificate and was a ward of the state.

“When I heard about Levi, without hesitation, I said we should take him,” Christie revealed, as reported by The Daily Mail. Her motivation extended beyond the fact that Levi was the half-sibling of two of her recently adopted children. She explained, “I myself was a foster kid and, although for the most part, I had a great experience, I did not want him going to foster care.”

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Prior to discovering Levi’s birth, Christie had been having a recurring dream featuring a blue-eyed, blonde-haired boy.

“Before Levi, we had wanted to try to have a child of our own,” she told Newsweek. “I’m in my forties, so we knew that we would probably need fertility treatment, so I thought let’s just think about it and what will be will be.”

The challenge was that Levi was located in Texas, prompting the family to sell their home and relocate to the Lone Star State to embark on the demanding adoption journey. This situation was further complicated by the fact that Levi’s biological father had parental rights despite struggling with substance abuse. The family couldn’t leave Texas until his rights were legally terminated.

However, after a 16-month process, Levi officially became a part of their family in January 2023. Christie acknowledges that adopting her husband’s ex-wife’s child may appear unusual to some, but she shared, “It’s a lot to process for a lot of people, but honestly, it seems a lot crazier than it was. At the time, it just made sense.”

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Despite having a deep conviction in her heart that she needed to adopt Levi, Christie couldn’t help but harbor some reservations. She candidly admitted to The Daily Mail, “’If I said I did not [have concerns beforehand], that would not be honest.” She continued, “This was different—I was going to walk into a child I never met and was worried the circumstances would hinder this instant love. But […] he stole my heart. I also felt this intense need to protect him.”

In the present, Levi has seamlessly become a cherished member of the family, and the other children are thrilled to return to their everyday lives, free from caseworker visits and inspections.

“He’s great, he is the king of the house! We are all very close. He won’t understand the journey right now, but someday, I will let him know we fought for him!” Christie said.

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