Woman finds out why dogs won’t leave same spot on lawn

A TikTok user named Trisha became intrigued when her senior dog, Jackie, displayed an unusual fascination with a specific patch of the yard. The neighbor’s dog joined in, poking its nose through the fence in curiosity.

Upon investigation, Trisha discovered the source of their interest: a cozy burrow hosting a litter of adorable baby bunnies.

@simtrisha Hope they all let them be. #bunnies #babies #rabbit #babybunny #cute #animaltok #adorable #awe ♬ Me and My Pet – Eitan Epstein Music

While concerned about the dogs’ intentions at first, Trisha noticed they seemed more like protectors, exhibiting a heartwarming care for the tiny neighbors.

To ensure the bunnies’ safety, Trisha and her husband installed a security camera to monitor the burrow. They were surprised to find the mother bunny visiting her young ones during the night, indicating that she likely resides beneath their house.

In the upcoming weeks, Trisha, her husband, and the dogs will continue their watchful guardianship over the bunnies. Typically, at around 3 weeks, the baby bunnies are ready to explore beyond the burrow on their own.

With a touch of luck, these little fellows will thrive, and we’ll be cheering for their success.

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