Woman faces criticism after she moves across the globe to marry the love of her life

Sienna, an Australian woman, faced online criticism when she made the decision to move overseas to meet and marry the love of her life, who happens to be plus-sized. Despite the trolls, she is now happily married but continues to face online harassment.

Sienna Keywood, an Australian woman, fell head over heels for British actor George Keywood after seeing him on the BBC sitcom “People Just Do Nothing” in 2018. Like any enamored fan, she took to Instagram to learn more about her new celebrity crush.

Sienna wasted no time in finding George’s account on Instagram, and after scrolling through his posts, she decided to take a chance and send him a direct message. In her message, she simply expressed her admiration for his character, Craig, and eagerly waited for a response. To her delight, George replied with a casual, “Thanks babe,” and even liked some of Sienna’s pictures.


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Over time, the two of them grew closer, talking frequently and establishing a connection over the phone. After six months of messaging back and forth, Sienna realized that she wanted more and decided to take a chance on the budding relationship. She purchased a plane ticket and flew to the UK to finally meet the man who had captured her heart. Reflecting on her decision, she said:

“I had a feeling we would get along really well and have some sort of special impact on each other’s lives.”


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Starting Their Lives Together

George and Sienna’s relationship flourished, and the time they spent together during her first visit solidified her belief that he was the perfect match for her. Convinced of their connection, Sienna made the life-changing decision to leave her home in Australia and move to the UK to be with George permanently.

Sienna revealed that her family had expressed concerns initially and advised her to be certain before making such a big move. However, once they saw how deeply in love she was, they supported her decision wholeheartedly. Sienna has never looked back or had any regrets about moving to the UK to be with George.

Nevertheless, their relationship has faced its share of challenges. When news of their romance broke online, many people took to social media to voice their opinions. The couple’s differing body types, with George being overweight while Sienna is a size six by Australian standards, drew particular attention from online trolls.

Sienna defended her relationship, stating that she adores George’s physical appearance, and he is her “type.” Nonetheless, social media users continued to belittle the couple, first alleging that Sienna was a “gold-digger,” and then ridiculing them for their weight difference.

To deal with the online harassment, Sienna began blocking negative comments and moderating her TikTok account’s comment section. However, she admitted that it was challenging to catch everything. Some even went so far as to accuse Sienna of being a paid actress and suggested that their son, Oliver Keywood, was not their biological child.

Sienna revealed that they have only encountered animosity online so far, but acknowledged that people often stare at them when they’re out in public. Initially, Sienna was self-conscious about the attention, but she has since grown proud of her relationship.

Despite the hurtful comments on their social media accounts, Sienna and George have developed a thick skin and choose to ignore the negativity. They prioritize their love for each other over the opinions of strangers. Sienna emphasized this sentiment, saying:

“I know most girls aren’t attracted to big guys like George, even some [of] my friends made it very clear they thought I could do better, as George is not what society deems ‘typically attractive’ – but I don’t care what people think.”

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@siennakeywood Replying to @🫡 ♬ original sound – Sienna Keywood

Sienna’s TikTok account is frequently inundated with spiteful messages and derogatory comments directed towards her and her husband. One user wrote, “The lengths people go to for money.” In response to a video, another person commented, “Always make time for a trip out to McDonald’s.”

Many individuals also doubted whether Sienna’s relationship with George was genuine and accused her of seeking online fame. Comments like, “You’re in it for the attention you receive,” and “Anything for fame,” were common. A person even added, “When the hype stops the relationship will be tested.”

On Sienna’s TikTok account, George often faces criticism from the community, particularly regarding his weight. One user commented, “Why does his body look like it’s trying to eat his head?” Another asked, “Did George’s suit have to be custom made from a baseball field tarp?”

Despite the negativity, Sienna often responds to comments like, “She never goes out in public with him, only to places where there’s hardly any people? She’s so embarrassed of him.” In several videos, Sienna shows their life together, and the couple frequently dispels the hurtful comments left by TikTok users.

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Sienna and George remain unfazed by the negative comments and continue to thrive in their relationship. In response to accusations that their marriage was solely motivated by money, Sienna posted a video on TikTok where George exclaimed, “Ah, give it a rest, ok, it’s not just money, it’s love! We’re married! We have a son together!”

Sienna also uses her platform to encourage others who may feel discouraged about finding love due to their size, reassuring them that there is someone out there for everyone. She emphasized that their love for each other is unbreakable and that no one’s opinion can change that.