Woman Attacked by Snake Falling from Sky, Then Hawk Strikes in Bizarre Incident

“In a blink of an eye…your life can change.” remarked Texas resident Peggy Jones, reflecting on her survival of a peculiar attack while mowing her lawn.

As she tended to her yard, a snake unexpectedly plummeted from the sky and landed on her arm. In her attempt to remove it, the snake coiled around her arm and then aggressively lunged toward her face, attempting to bite. In an astonishing turn of events, a hawk suddenly swooped down, launching an attack on the snake.

Jones recounted the extraordinary incident to news outlets, shedding light on how this surreal sequence of events unfolded:

Despite enduring injuries to her arm as a result of the encounter, Jones expresses gratitude for her survival and attributes her safety to the hawk’s intervention, which protected her from the snake.

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