Woman arrested after barricading herself in the home following a dispute with Animal Control

Authorities said a woman was taken into custody after allegedly barricading herself in a home in an East Point neighborhood on Tuesday.

It happened in the 1700 block of Center Avenue. According to police, the woman got into a fight with Fulton County Animal Control, allegedly threatening an animal control investigator with a knife before returning home and barricading herself.

The incident lasted more than four hours and prompted a response from South Metro SWAT, according to East Point Police.

11Alive crews witnessed police handcuffing the woman and walking her out of the house. She fought with officers as they loaded her into a patrol car. Posters were also seen in her home’s windows, warning everyone to stay away because she had booby-trapped all of the entrances.

Police later stated that they believe the woman was having a mental breakdown. She was taken to a hospital for treatment, and charges are pending.

Neighbors stood by, worried about the police and the woman inside the house.

“I think they were as patient as long as they could be, and I think every intent they had was not to harm her in any way, and to help her get help,” neighbor Barry Odom said, who lives a few houses down. 

Odom said he had been trying to be a friend to the woman, helping her through her good and bad days. 

“I think there is a little bit of fear that somebody’s out to get her, and then that will go away,” Odom said. 

SWAT eventually broke into her home and took her into custody. 

Odom said he was relieved no one was hurt and is heartbroken for all that she has been going through. 

“It felt like today that there wasn’t anybody that she knew or trusted or recognized. And that’s a sad, sad place,” he said.