Widower with 7 children works three jobs to support family; stranger gives him a $10,000 Christmas gift

Tragedies often occur when we least anticipate them. The death of the mom of one Idaho family of nine gave rise to their darkest nightmare. The bereaved family members battled to start over and were left in awe when a Christmas miracle appeared in their lives.

A romantic love between Dakota and Ream Nelson was based on shared beliefs and solid values. They enjoyed creating memories and were the delighted parents of seven children.

Ream loved volleyball, and she and her soul mate husband had a part-time job at their community church. They lived a devoted life together. But in a moment, the world as they knew it was altered.

Father was concerned for his family.

Ream arrived at the hospital in critical condition and spent three months in a coma before sadly passing away.

Ream’s loved ones were horrified by the unfortunate incident. To provide for his children, Dakota had to work three jobs, and he was concerned about the future.

The Life-Changing Gift

Ream didn’t have health insurance, and the costs associated with her hospital stay were exorbitant. Fortunately, a GoFundMe campaign helped calm some of Dakota’s concerns and nice individuals gave them almost $60,000 to help.

But a greater miracle was still to come! After the passing of his wife, the North Fremont High School seminary instructor endured a number of difficulties, but he also had many blessings.

A bunch of elves soon visited Dakota and his children with a gift that would change their lives when a Secret Santa in their East Idaho neighborhood learned about the awful suffering the family had gone through.

Dakota Nelson’s kids open the gifts from their Secret Santa. | Source: youtube.com/East Idaho News

The father was overcome by emotion.

In 2018, Dakota and his kids got a white gift package for Christmas. They had no idea what was inside would leave them dumbfounded. Both $1,000 in groceries and $1,000 in Walmart gift cards were included in the box. But that was only the start.

Dakota became choked up when the dad was given a $8000 check, which was done out of kindness. He brushed away his tears and stumbled over his words before posing the question, “Who do I thank?”

Dakota Nelson and his youngest child. | Source: youtube.com/East Idaho News

A Letter to Their Secret Santa

Even though the family was still grieving the death of their mother, the Secret Santa gift gave them a reason to smile in spite of their sadness. The stunned widower expressed his appreciation for the gift in a letter that he addressed to Secret Santa:

“It is hard to write this as I am at a total loss of words. There is no way for me to accurately convey how grateful we are for this kindness … I just cannot convey how thankful we are.”

The children thanked Santa for providing them with the nicest Christmas they had ever had. They had given up all hope of ever being happy again following the passing of their mother, but after receiving the present, they found a renewed sense of hope and joy in their lives.

Dakota Nelson and his youngest child. | Source: youtube.com/East Idaho News

It is never simple to lose a beloved family member. The devastating loss of Ream will never leave Dakota and his children.

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