‘Why isn’t anyone congratulating me? Sadly, my daughter’s arrival wasn’t celebrated…’

After 9 months of trying, Eliza Jamkochian Bahneman, 36, and her husband Erik, 41, were overjoyed to learn they were expecting a child in 2018.

Bahneman was so overjoyed that she told her sister, sister-in-law, and several of her friends about her pregnancy. They all had children at the same time and were all expecting babies around the same time. The expecting mother was looking forward to welcoming her miraculous child into this wonderful world.

Of course, the baby girl eventually decided to leave the safety of her mother’s womb a month earlier than expected. Isabella, also known as “Bella,” was born in October of 2018.

This baby weighed 512 pounds after a total of 12 hours of difficult labor. Despite the fact that it was supposed to be a happy occasion, it gradually faded.

Bahneman was disturbed by a murky silence as murmurs filled the space. ‘Why isn’t anyone wishing her well?’ she wondered as she reflected on the time. What is causing her husband’s anxiety and fear? Why won’t her mother even look at her?’

Many tests and assessments revealed that Bella had Treacher Collins, a rare genetic condition, after she was transferred to the NICU. As a result, the face bones do not grow properly.

Isabella was born with several complications, including hearing loss and a narrowed airway. So began the difficult journey of operations and hurried hospital visits due to crises.

Bella was required to attend several treatment sessions. For her hearing impairments, this includes speech therapy, occupational therapy, and music lessons.

Isabella appeared to be developing rapidly after two years. However, as a result of her illness, this 2-year-old was now experiencing negative social reactions, with others judging her solely on how she appeared. However, the mother stated that each individual has distinct characteristics, some of which are more obvious than others. The world would be less vibrant if everyone in it were the same.

The mother hopes to continue teaching and raising awareness about Treacher Collins’ condition. In general, Bahneman hopes to inspire others to be compassionate toward those suffering from this illness. After all, this is the only thing anyone should do when they come across someone unusually attractive.