When a man starts whistling, his beautiful draft horse jumps into action

This horse has the most beautiful gait I’ve ever seen.

Horses are magnificent creatures. The way they run is one of the most majestic aspects of them. It’s always lovely to see a horse galloping through a field with its mane flowing.

However, getting a horse to run on command can be difficult. It takes a significant amount of training.

Horses, unlike dogs, are much more difficult to train.
There are numerous ways to help them understand a command, and there are numerous factors to consider when instructing them. Furthermore, depending on the horse’s temperament, it takes a long time. However, if you are patient enough, your efforts will undoubtedly be rewarded.

Just listen to this man whistle for his horse.


Jos Smoolenaers is an ardent horse lover, and you can see how much the horses adore him in his videos. He appears to be an expert horse whisperer.
In this video, he boasts about the way he summons his horse. From a distance, the video shows his Belgian Draft Horse peacefully feasting on the grass. When Jos whistled at the horse, the sound took a while to reach him.

The exact moment the horse hears Jos’ whistle is visible. The horse in the distance raises its head to investigate the source of the noise. When the horse realizes he is being called, he stops what he is doing and gallops towards Jos.


The horse, on the other hand, appears to be taking the long route. It’s kind of amusing how long it takes him to find his owner.
It’s incredible how this horse responded with only a single whistle.

Most horses require a piece of motivation, such as food, to come to you. Jos, on the other hand, was able to summon his horse with just a single whistle. He accomplished quite a feat in training his horse in this manner.

At first glance, this horse appears to be quite large.

When he gets closer to his owner, you’ll get a sense of how big this horse is. It has a lean body and large, thick hooves, so you can imagine how strong it is.

Furthermore, its hair and frills are so long that you can imagine its magnificent mane flying with the wind as it gallops.


Belgian drafts are stunning to look at.
Belgian draft horses are a breed that originated in the Belgian province of Brabant. They were once known as mighty war horses. With their massive bodies, these horses flaunt their strength.

They can also pull a wagon load three times their own weight for an extended period of time. Furthermore, because of their calm demeanor, these horses make excellent companions.

While these horses are ideal for cart pulling, they can also be ridden for pleasure.

Belgian drafts are hard workers, and some believe that their only purpose is to transport loads to their destination. However, some people believe that they, like other horses, can be ridden.

However, there are numerous disadvantages, such as how difficult they are to ride and the amount of training required for them to adjust.

Because the horses are tall, getting on their backs can be difficult. You can, however, ride them with each with some training and the proper equipment.