When a horse lets loose in the dirt, he receives 16 million views

Farts are always amusing, regardless of your age.
When you think of horses, you imagine them running majestically with their long manes blowing in the wind.

They are indeed lovely creatures. But have you ever witnessed a horse passing gas?


Archy is the name of the viral horse, and he lives at the “Rocking Horse Ranch” in Blossom Valley.
Archy was saved just in time. He was already dying of starvation because he was so weak. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only thing. Archy was abused by his previous owners as well.

Archy is currently recovering and enjoying the beautiful ranch that gave him a second chance.

It’s also clear how much they adore the lovely horse. Archy is seen rolling on the ground and passing gas in the video.

As he lies on the ground, Archy’s tummy is visibly bloated. More gas escaped as he wiggled around.

Oh! You might even hear a long one before he gets up.


The horse then shakes off the dust and begins to walk again.

Archy sniffed the dust and fell back to the ground after only a few steps.

“Again?” his owner can be heard saying

Archy had let out another gasp.

“Can you imagine having all that air in your intestines, how good that must feel just to let it all out?” a woman in the background asked.


“Exactly,” the person filming said.

If you are one of the fortunate few, we are confident you can relate.
The video is amusing, and even humans can relate to this scenario, but have you ever wondered if horses experience this much gas on a regular basis?

Passing gas is normal for humans and even animals, but there are some exceptions.


Certain foods can cause a horse to accumulate excessive gas.
If your horse has been eating a lot of spring grass, this could be one of the reasons they have gas.

Additionally, abrupt hay changes can contribute to your horses’ gas production.


There is also what is known as Gassy Colic. Although this is the least serious type of colic in horses, it is still best to treat it as soon as possible.

It’s as if you ate too much pizza, cabbage, and other gas-producing foods.
If you’ve heard of the term “hay belly,” it’s not fat from overeating; rather, it’s the production of healthy gas inside the stomach.


This gas is produced in large quantities by horses. If this gas does not pass through the large colon, it may accumulate.

We could tell when we first saw Archy. His stomach was enormous!
That massive belly could cause abdominal pain, making the horse uneasy.


So seeing Archy lying on the ground helped him expel all those extra gases.

You might not be able to imagine it without laughing, but there is a viral video that has over 16 million views because it shows a horse passing gas – a lot of gas.