Wave of kindness is sparked when a 7-year-old donates his piggy bank to hurricane relief

Dominic D’Andrea of Illinois, upon learning that there were people who required assistance, did not think twice about offering his assistance and doing all he could to assist.

It all began with a conversation that he had with his mother, Jaclyn D’Andrea, as they were driving to school together. She explained what a hurricane was and why it was so terrible. Then, the kid’s brain started to make connections and make sense of things.


Dominic had an extremely thoughtful plan that he wanted to share with Jaclyn when he got back to his house the same day. He wanted to give the two hundred dollars that he had saved up in his piggy bank, which he had most likely done so by working very hard. He felt that this would be the best way to assist the people who had been impacted by the hurricane.

Dominic said: “I was really saving up for a Corvette or an electric scooter but people need this,”


Because Jaclyn’s husband was away at work at the time, she decided to take a picture of the event and send it to him, and she was so pleased with it that she also decided to post it on her social media accounts. Nevertheless, she have not predicted that it would become as popular as it is now. Now, individuals from all different parts of the country are following Dominic’s example and donating money to the cause.

In point of fact, people have been sending money to the D’Andrea family, and because of their generosity, the D’Andreas are now in a position to drive three semi-trucks loaded with goods all the way down to Florida on their own. One of their significant contributions came from Jaclyn’s place of employment, EXIT Realty Corp.; more specifically, Tami Bonnell, the Co-Chair, contributed ten thousand dollars.


You can follow them on their journey through social media, including on a Facebook page that is named Dominic’s Hurricane Relief.

Jaclyn shared: “Thank you so much for all your donations because of that is how we were able to get these semis and palettes full of supplies to bring to Fort Myers, Florida. Thank you for all of your love and support.”

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