Video of NYC subway slash reveals victim chasing attacker as bystanders do nothing

Footage from a New York City subway reveals a slashing victim screaming for assistance and bravely pursuing her assailant, while other passengers seemingly remain passive.

The exclusive cellphone video obtained by the New York Post captures the injured woman, her leg bleeding profusely, chasing the attacker as he calmly walks away through the interconnecting subway cars.

“Pull the emergency brake! Pull the emergency brake!” cries the 28-year-old victim, her voice filled with anguish. “Yo! Yo!”

“Yo! Somebody call 911! Somebody call 911!” she screams.

Despite approximately a dozen onlookers, no one appears to offer assistance. According to local reports, this incident was the third attack within 20 minutes by the same perpetrator on that Sunday afternoon.

You can watch the video here: The New York Post.

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Accused of slashing three women within a span of 20 minutes on the New York City subway, Kemal Rideout (left) is depicted in a photo alongside one of his victims (right), who displays her injured leg. The image was released by the NYPD and published by the New York Post.

A woman, whose identity was withheld, suffered a slashing attack on the southbound No. 4 train around 4:30 p.m. near the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station. Recounting the incident to ABC7-News, she revealed that while texting her boyfriend, an unidentified man suddenly approached and cut her with an unknown object before calmly walking away. Initially numb from shock, she didn’t immediately feel the pain caused by the severe wound on her leg. Despite her injury, her immediate response was to capture video footage of her assailant.

On Tuesday, the police apprehended 28-year-old Kemal Rideout, charging him with three felony assault counts for the alleged slashing incidents that took place on Sunday. The woman, who filmed the video that aided authorities in identifying the suspect, was among his victims.

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New York City subway riders watch as a woman with a slashed leg enters their subway car, chasing her attacker who is seen exiting at the far end. (New York Post)

The woman’s mother hailed her as a hero, stating to The Post on Wednesday that she admirably gathered her strength, persevered, and managed to capture a photo of the assailant despite her injuries.

The victim, who sustained the most severe injuries among the three women, needed immediate medical attention, including the application of a tourniquet to close the deep gash, before being urgently transported to Bellevue Hospital.

Shocking photographs depict the wound, which seemingly exposes the bone, emphasizing the horrifying nature of the incident. The traumatic experience has left a lasting and permanent impact.

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Close-up of gash on the leg of a New York City subway rider who was one of three women slashed in a random attack.

“Her mental state will never be the same,” her mother said. “She will always be looking behind her back. I need her to see a therapist. Her mental state is not good. She has to speak about it.”

According to reports, Rideout is accused of initially slashing Bianchelli Diplan, 19, at approximately 4:15 p.m. near the 86th Street and Lexington Avenue station on the Upper East Side. Diplan shared her terrifying experience, explaining that she was unaware of Rideout’s presence behind her on the stairs. She felt a deep cut and turned to look at him, only to be met with his cold stare before he nonchalantly walked away. Overwhelmed by the incident, she couldn’t help but burst into tears.

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The individual accused of slashing three women in their legs within the New York City subway system on Sunday. (NYPD)

The victim required 19 stitches to treat her wounds. Another woman was allegedly cut by Rideout, using what seemed to be a shard of glass, resulting in her needing 48 stitches.

Following an incident where Rideout was removed from a city bus for fare evasion, he was apprehended by the police. Authorities identified him as the suspect from the slashing videos by matching the shoes he was wearing, as stated in court documents.

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