Video of ‘Bigfoot’ in Mississippi woods amazes skeptics: ‘Best footage ever recorded’

Could it be Bigfoot?

A remarkable video depicting what appears to be a Sasquatch swiftly moving through the woods in Mississippi is gaining widespread attention, with some asserting that it might be the most compelling footage ever recorded of the elusive creature.

The footage was captured by Josh Highcliffe and shared on YouTube back in 2015, garnering over 811,000 views since then.

In the caption accompanying the 2-minute video, Highcliffe recounted that he encountered the creature while it was tearing bark off a tree trunk and throwing it to the ground.

He further mentioned that he felt “fear” upon encountering the hairy creature during a hunting expedition.

“I was out hunting hogs, just sitting in a part of the swamp,” Highcliffe explained, before saying he “heard a noise behind a tree.”

“When I got around, I could not believe my own two eyes. There was this huge black thing crouched by a dead cypress about 50 yards away.”

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Highcliffe posted a YouTube where he believed he saw a figure that looked suspiciously like Bigfoot.
Youtube/Josh Highcliff

“I thought it was a hog but saw these big shoulders and a head upright with hands,” the hunter recounted. “It looked like it was digging out the stump. My first instinct was to run, I did not even think of shooting.”

The man from Mississippi claimed that the creature stood at around seven feet tall and bore no resemblance to a bear whatsoever.

“I’m left bewildered,” he mused, questioning if anyone could identify the species of the creature.

Numerous individuals took to the comments section to share their amazement at the video, with many convinced that it depicted Bigfoot.

“This is by far the most convincing video I’ve ever seen on Bigfoot and its possible existence,” one astonished viewer noted.

“I’m usually a huge skeptic, which pisses my friends off to no end. But I have to say that this is by far the best and most convincing footage I have ever seen,” another person commented.

“Honestly, this is probably the best footage ever recorded. Amazing that it’s not talked about more,” a third person exclaimed.

For centuries, rumors about a sizable, hairy, humanoid creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch have circulated in North America.

Despite numerous accounts of sightings, no concrete evidence confirming the existence of this creature has emerged.

The majority of reported sightings tend to happen in the Pacific Northwest, which is quite distant from the Mississippi swamps where Highgrove captured his video.

According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, Washington state has reported 676 alleged sightings or encounters, while California has reported 445.

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