Video captures shocking moment as dining room ceiling collapses in Virginia family’s home

A family in Virginia recorded the moment the ceiling of their dining room collapsed in front of them, flooding their house with dust and debris.

On July 7, the incident took place at Micah Porter’s house in Springfield, a city close to Washington, D.C.

As the ceiling begins to collapse, a lady is heard asking, “What are we thinking?”

Family members exclaimed, “Oh, oh, oh, oh my!” as a ceiling panel fell to the floor.

Before a second panel falls to the ground, electrical wires from a recessed lighting fixture can be seen shaking.

“Did you get it on video?” the woman asked.

A teenager answered, “Yeah, duh.”

Porter revealed to Storyful that his son had spotted a fissure in the ceiling the previous morning, which had gotten bigger by the afternoon.

“My son set his phone in case the ceiling fell, and it did,” he remarked.

16 Californians were required to leave their homes over the weekend due to a landslide that occurred in Rolling Hills Estates and damaged their homes.

When Los Angeles County Fire Department personnel arrived at Peartree Lane at around 4 p.m. to address a water leak, they soon realized something was wrong. Members of the crew started to see cracks and structural issues both inside and outside the house.

According to assistant chief of the Los Angeles County Fire Department Brian Bennett, “from that point, we started noticing the significant cracks, started going door to door, and all the residents were very obliging and moved out really quick.”

Before the breach rendered all 12 homes untenable, officials swiftly issued an order for their evacuation. A 20-minute window was given for residents to gather their possessions and leave.

A building partially collapsed in Connecticut in June, injuring at least eight construction workers, just a few blocks from Yale University and its medical school.

When the structure in New Haven collapsed, it was still being built. Fire Chief John Alston Jr. stated during a press conference that workers informed first responders that the collapse was caused by too much concrete pooling in one spot after it was poured more quickly than they could disseminate it.

A Davenport, Iowa, apartment complex partially collapsed in late May.

Later, three people’s remains were discovered under the debris.

That same month, heavy storms also caused a house under construction in a Houston suburb to collapse, resulting in the deaths of two persons in Texas and the injuries of a number of others.

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