Veteran, who is unable to pay for his groceries, hear a customer behind him say, “It’s our turn”

Joining our military and making untold sacrifices for our nation requires courage.

To that end, we should all express our gratitude to the veterans who have sacrificed so much for our safety.

Unfortunately, a lot of veterans still return home and are forced to “go without.”

Thank goodness, we have a solution.

The veteran’s tale is incredibly moving.

When a news crew learned of his situation, they realized they could and ought to assist him.

The Fox 5 Surprise Squad went to the nearby Albertsons on a sunny day in Las Vegas.

They chose random customers and paid for their groceries because they wanted to do something special for the locals.

The team’s leader was Dave Hall. He went up to a few people who were about to leave.

They always smiled when he asked if he could pay for their groceries.

They repeatedly offered to step in and pay for strangers’ grocery orders.

The staff observed as the crew helped a number of unrelated customers and gave them tips on the regulars who required the most assistance.

One cashier was on the verge of tears.

She was overjoyed and grateful to see how these deeds of kindness made everyone’s day.

Last but not least, Dave introduced himself to Stephanie.

She is a disabled veteran.

She moved around in her wheelchair. Stephanie clarified that she was stocking up on food for both her dogs and herself.

She wasn’t getting much financial help, so she was really struggling. Dave was informed by her that she had just $50 left.

After that, she wasn’t sure what she would do.

The news anchor was happy to be of assistance.

Stephanie was beyond appreciative that he covered the entire cost of the groceries.

The man behind her was seen by Dave.

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He questioned, “Is this your husband?”

The man was actually her husband’s friend.

This veteran, Larry, had previously belonged to the same club as Stephanie’s husband.

The club, Bones For Blankets, concentrated on providing veterans who were homeless with blankets.

16 years earlier, Larry founded the group in response to the tragic deaths of three of his brothers.

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They had all perished from freezing. The encounter made Larry realize how crucial resource sharing is.

Larry revealed that Stephanie’s husband worked as a truck driver and was frequently on the road.

The woman was driven everywhere she needed to go by Larry.

He was sympathetic to her plight and wanted to do everything he could to ease her situation.

He declared that “no vet should be going through what she’s going through.”

Despite not being able to afford groceries himself, Larry drove Stephanie to the store.

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He only had a bottle of dish soap and a piece of candy as he stood in the checkout line.

All he could afford was that.

Dave wouldn’t let the compassionate vet leave the store empty-handed.

He said to the veteran, “You served us. “Now it’s our turn to help you.”

Larry had tear-filled eyes.

He told his tale as they made their way back into the aisles with Dave.

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They stuffed all of the food and toiletries into the cart.

When the man got out of bed that morning, he didn’t anticipate it to be as much as it was.

The veteran acknowledged that the kindness he was receiving left him speechless.

He had always taken care of himself, and now a stranger had just appeared out of the blue to buy him food.

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Dave was offered payment by Larry.

Larry had already completed his portion, the reporter retorted.

Dave told Larry, “We try to do good things for good people, Larry, so you deserve this.” 

Larry said he had never spent that much on groceries before after they had finished paying.

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The expression on his face revealed how important this particular moment was to him.

Larry gave Dave his sincere gratitude.

Then he proceeded to travel. Although he left the grocery store, the significance of the moment will never diminish.

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As a soldier in the army or a Good Samaritan who gives aid to those in need, Larry has gotten used to being there for them.

That is what makes it so special to see Larry receive some of the kindness he has shown.

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The endearing shopping excursion received over a million views on FOX 5 Las Vegas’ YouTube channel and continues to serve as a motivating example of how important kindness is.