Touching moment veteran on deathbed says goodbye to his beloved horse one last time

Friendships, as we all know, help the world a wonderful place.

However, not all of our loved ones are  necessarily humans when we refer to them as “friends.” We encounter individuals who, although not having any genetic ties to us, we identify as members of our family. 


One veteran who was close to passing away expressed his love of horses in his final request.

Roberto Gonzalez, a resident of Premont, Texas, was initially enlisted in the military and sent to Vietnam in 1970. After serving there for four months, the military guy was shot and sent home.


He had a serious injury that ultimately led to his paralysis.

According to ABC News’ Lupe Hernandez from the South Texas Veterans Health Care System:

“That did not stop Mr. Gonzalez from his passions, ranching and horses. He was the only paralyzed race horse trainer in Texas. He trained and raced horses for 30 to 40 years.”

Before this occurred, Roberto just desired one thing since he was aware that his time was running out.


One of the characteristics that made him unique was his passion of horses. The veteran desired to look at his beloved horses one final time before he died.

Roberto was given the opportunity to meet his horses, Sugar and Ringo, while he was in his bed at the care facility. The horses were brought to the facility by his family so he could see them one final time.

The reunion was photographed to demonstrate the extraordinary affection a horse and his owner share. It was a really inspiring relationship.


The Veteran’s wife, Rosario said: “My husband was one of the only handicapped or paralyzed licensed horse trainers in Texas.”

It was a heartbreaking moment when Roberto said his final goodbyes to his horses.

Rosario confided: “When the horse came up to him he actually opened his eyes. They came up to him and I think they were actually kissing him.”


The horses couldn’t talk for themselves, but their expressions and the sensations seen in them as they bid their master farewell told it all. This just serves to demonstrate the fact that even animals are able to experience compassion and feelings for their human pals.

Although it was a sorrowful and painful moment, Roberto wished it was that way. He was lucky enough to have people around him who respected his desires and allowed him to finally say farewell to his cherished equine companions.

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