Using life-size cutout, parents play funny dorm room prank on their college-age son

Sending children off to college is a milestone filled with a mix of emotions, both for the kids and their parents. It encompasses excitement, pride, and anticipation, along with nostalgia, a sense of loss, and yearning, all converging into one pivotal moment in life.

In dealing with the deeper and more challenging emotions that may arise, a sense of humor can be one of the best tools. Some parents excel in this department.

Mom and content creator Jill Wagner inquired about her son Hakin’s preferences for his dorm room at Maryville University. Hakin’s response? Simple and straightforward: posters. Yet, it’s this lack of specificity that set the stage for a humorous prank crafted by Mom and Dad.

In a video shared on Jill Wagner’s TikTok, we witness Hakin’s incredulous reaction as he enters his room to discover a colossal cardboard cutout of his mother.

“Honey, I know you’re gonna miss me so much; I got a life-size picture of me for your dorm. That way, if any girls try to come in your room, they can see me,” Wagner quips while giggling.

Amidst laughter, Hakin responds with the classic line that virtually every teenager has uttered, “That is so embarrassing!” He then instructs his father to place it where nobody can see it.

However, instead of a cardboard cutout, Dad opts for a more old-school approach—a poster of himself pointing to a laundry hamper, strategically positioned right above the actual laundry hamper in Hakin’s room.

In her caption, Wagner wrote, “Dad and I are always with you 😂”

Delight in the heartwarming antics right here: [link to the video]

@jillwagner81 @Hakin Wagner Dad and i are always with you😂 #maryville #moveinday #college ♬ original sound – Jill

The video has garnered nearly 500,000 views, and numerous viewers have expressed their intention to use the idea with their own children. It appears that more delightful embarrassment is on the horizon for many!

The transition to college is undeniably a time of heightened emotions. While following recommended guidelines such as planning the move-in day meticulously, leaving meaningful messages, creating lasting memories with a final family vacation, and exploring new hobbies can make it smoother, parents are bound to experience a rollercoaster of sentiments.

Just like any beautiful chapter in life, it’s essential to savor both the sweet and the bitter moments. While it’s advisable to keep those tears in check during the actual move-in day (as it is the child’s day), it’s entirely natural to release those emotions during the car ride back home.

Jill Wagner’s delightful prank not only brought viral laughter but also underscored a more light-hearted, optimistic approach for parents to embrace what’s certain to be a day filled with profound feelings.

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