‘Untrained’ runner selected for pro 100m race, records slowest time ever

An untrained runner was chosen to compete in a professional 100-meter race, resulting in the slowest recorded time ever.

For many of us, memories of dreaded primary school sports days come to mind – where we were compelled to participate in sprinting or cross country events, regardless of our pleas not to, even if we were slow.

However, this particular ‘sprinter’ was thrust onto a much larger stage – the 31st Summer World University Games in Chengdu, China.

Representing Somalia, Nasra Abukar Ali was entered into the race.

A now viral video clearly shows that she struggled to keep pace with the other runners from the very beginning, standing out in the country’s traditional blue colors.

Critics have argued that she should not have been allowed to compete in the event.

As the race commenced, Abukar Ali’s competitors swiftly surged ahead, leaving her trailing far behind.

In fact, she fell completely out of the camera shot as it focused on the other racers sprinting ahead.

Watching the clip, you might mistake Abukar Ali’s performance for slow-motion compared to the other sprinters. Competing in the third heat of the 100-meter event, Brazil’s Gabriela Silva Mourao secured victory with an impressive time of 11.58 seconds, almost half of the Somalian’s time.

In stark contrast, Abukar Ali painfully clocked a time of 21.81 seconds when she finally reached the finish line, well after the clock had vanished from TV screens.

Interestingly, she didn’t sprint over the line but rather began casually skipping once she reached the end.

On Twitter, a person shared footage of the race, questioning the decision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports to select an untrained individual to represent Somalia. They expressed concern that such a choice reflects poorly on the country’s international image.

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She seemed to skip when she reached the finish line. Credit: CCTV-16

Criticizing the government for what they perceived as incompetence, a user claimed that the selection of Abukar Ali as the runner was due to nepotism, which they labeled as ‘corruption.’ However, the user did highlight a ‘good story’, mentioning that Somalia’s Hasan Ali Idoow advanced to the finals of the 1500m race and finished fourth in his race.

Some users found it hard to believe the video was genuine, with one suggesting it could be a skit. Others were astonished by the performance, writing, “OMG SHE GOT SMOKEDDDDDD.”

Amid the debate, one person simply advocated that everyone deserves a chance to participate.

LADbible has reached out to the Somali Athletics Federation and World University Games for their comments on the matter.

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