Unaware that his owner has left for good, a faithful dog waits by his empty hospital bed

Dogs are man’s best friend, and some of them continue to be loyal companions even after their owners pass away.

Moose is a 3-year-old Lab mix who lives in New Jersey. The owner of Moose recently passed away in the hospital, leaving the puppy orphaned.

Moose patiently waited for his master to come back while sitting next to the hospital bed for a while. The tender moment was captured in a photo that has since gained popularity.

In an effort to find Moose a new home, NorthStar Pet Rescue and Eleventh Hour Rescue both posted the image on Facebook. You can tell right away what a devoted and loving dog he is by taking one look at this picture.

The compelling story that Moose told held everyone’s attention.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a pet, and it’s even harder when it’s the other way around.

Since dogs cannot verbally express their feelings to humans, it is difficult to determine whether or not they “mourn” in the human sense, but it is clear that the loss of their friends has an impact on them.

Pet owners frequently notice that their animals act downcast or anxious when a partner departs or passes away. In the animals, clinginess, indifference, or laziness are possible behavioural changes.

The American Kennel Club reports that research shows that when dogs feel similar emotions to humans, similar parts of their brains light up.

It hurts to watch when dogs express their suffering so openly.

When his father passed away, Moose, a 3-year-old Lab mix, quietly sat next to the hospital bed and looked out the window.

In the end, Moose found himself at a pet sanctuary in Rockaway Township, New Jersey. In an effort to find Moose a new home for the rest of his life, the rescue shared his photo and story online.

Moose waited patiently by his father’s hospital bed, expecting him to come home but not realizing that “Dad” had passed away,” the rescue wrote on Facebook. Moose has been given back to their friends at Eleventh Hour Rescue, and he is grieving greatly over the loss of his father.

According to the rescue, Moose is a sweet, happy person by nature who merely needs someone to help his heart heal.

Dogs don’t bother Moose much, but he adores people.

According to the rescue, Moose misses his humans so much that he would function best in a home where he wasn’t left alone at home all day.

Moreover, he is housebroken.

Who could possibly be able to resist Moose’s cute face and alluring tale? With over 4,000 shares and comments from people all over the world expressing how moved they were by Moose’s story, the rescue’s post went viral.

It was clear that Moose wouldn’t be homeless for very long. Applications for adoption began to flood in.

Three days later, Moose’s new permanent family formally adopted him.

At this point, many people had been following Moose’s journey and sending him well wishes for starting a new family.

Since it seems like there were many people ready to show Moose lots of love, it’s a shame that only one family was permitted to take him home.

Experts suggest a few strategies for adopting grieving dogs to ease their emotional recovery.

Try to encourage a grieving dog to participate in his favourite activities first. This could be Moose spending quality time with his tribe. Toys and treats are always appreciated!

However, it’s crucial to resist pushing it. If he doesn’t want to be noticed, don’t force him to play! Pet owners should also refrain from spoiling their dogs if they start to exhibit negative behaviours like excessive attachment or wailing.

One study found that grieving behaviour in animals persists for less than six months, which is still longer than many pet owners would anticipate. Moose might not return to normal for a while.

Although Moose may never see his father again, the rescue group and his new home have given him many happy years of love to look forward to.