UGA football players go viral for their act of kindness at a Subway restaurant

Christie Myers and her 8-year-old daughter, Avery, were walking through downtown Athens last Friday when they suddenly needed to use the restroom. They quickly made their way to a nearby Subway restaurant, hoping to find relief.

However, they were informed by an employee that the restrooms were only for paying customers. Myers didn’t have her wallet with her and offered to leave, but that’s when two Georgia football players, Latavious Brini and Jalen Kimber, stepped in to save the day.

For the price of a cookie, Brini and Kimber allowed Myers and her daughter to use the restroom, and the mother and daughter were overjoyed by the kind gesture.

Myers was so focused on the restroom that she didn’t even realize who the two men were until after the exchange. “It was such a kind, thoughtful and unexpected gesture. I thanked them profusely several times,” Myers told The Telegraph.

Myers decided to share the exchange on Facebook because of its positivity during a time when the news often carries a negative perspective. She didn’t expect it to go viral, but as of Wednesday morning, her post had garnered over 187,000 reactions, 18,100 comments, and 90,200 shares.

The exchange with Brini and Kimber allowed Myers and her daughter to connect with the football players on a personal level. The Myers family are Georgia alums and Avery is a big fan of the Bulldogs, so they were thrilled to learn that both Brini and Kimber were members of the UGA secondary.

They chatted about the summer and the upcoming college football season, and Avery even posed for a photo with her new favorite players.

According to Brini’s former high school coach, Jeff Pond, “Latavious has a heart of gold. That’s who he is.” The exchange served as a memory, a laugh, and a learning lesson for Avery. Myers hopes that her daughter will carry the kindness forward, and thanks to a simple act of generosity from Brini and Kimber, the Myers family now considers them friends.

“They asked for nothing in return. They were raised to do the right thing, and it speaks volumes about their character,” Myers said.