UFOs ‘submerging under sea’ as expert cautions about potential alien concealment in ocean

An expert has cautioned that individuals might be searching in the wrong direction for UFOs, especially following NASA’s report on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs), which did not provide conclusive evidence that the sightings were of extraterrestrial origin.

Unidentifiable objects have been observed submerging into Earth’s oceans, prompting experts to turn their attention to the seas as a potential location for UFOs.

In the wake of numerous UFO sightings, referred to as UAP in government terminology, NASA released a report on the matter, which failed to provide evidence of extraterrestrial technology traversing Earth’s skies.

The government officials and scientists on the panel primarily focused on comprehending what individuals, including several military pilots, have been witnessing in the skies. Nonetheless, there is also footage showing unidentified objects submerging themselves in the ocean.

In a 2021 video obtained by CNN and other news outlets, a round object can be seen flying over the water before disappearing beneath the waves. Reportedly, this video was captured from a US Navy ship.

According to Brian Helmuth, a professor of marine and environmental science at Northeastern University, it would be logical for potential alien life to commence their journey to Earth by investigating the Earth’s oceans.

Although the professor acknowledges that UFOs fall outside his area of expertise, he emphasizes that oceans, which are his field of knowledge, would serve as an ideal location for aliens to discreetly observe the planet.

In his statement to Northeastern Global News, he stated: “If I were investigating an alien planet like Earth, the ocean would definitely be the place to start.

“Not only does it comprise the vast majority of living space and living organisms on Earth, but it also is comparatively unpopulated by the one species, humans, that seems intent on destroying the planet.”

Notably, the 16-member NASA panel that led the report released last Thursday included oceanographer Paula Bontempi, who has dedicated the past 18 years to working with the agency.

Helmuth added: “She is highly respected in our field and in many ways the ideal person for this committee.”

Nonetheless, the panel, headed by astrophysicist David Spergel, cautioned against sensationalism. It stressed the importance of adopting a scientific approach when examining UAP sightings and related data.

To spearhead these efforts, officials have appointed an Unidentified Director of Research, and the panel has suggested the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for in-depth investigations of UAPs.

Nicola Fox, the associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, explained that the new director’s role will involve  “establish a robust database for the evaluation of future [UAP] data.”

She added: “UAP are one of our planet’s greatest mysteries.”

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