Tyler Labine discloses near-death experience with liver and intestine clot: ‘Trying not to die’

Tyler Labine, known for his role as Dr. Iggy Frome on the NBC series ‘New Amsterdam,’ recently encountered a life-threatening situation. Last week, he disclosed on Instagram that he had been diagnosed with a blood clot in his liver and intestines. Labine shared his terrifying experience by posting a video and photos of his ambulance ride to the hospital, as well as his hospital stay with IV fluids and angiocath bandages on his arm.

Labine revealed that he initially brushed off a stomach ache he experienced on Tuesday, attempting to sleep it off, thinking it was nothing serious. However, as the pain intensified, he made the decision to go to the emergency room on Wednesday. It was during this visit that he discovered the shocking truth about his condition.

According to Tyler Labine, the Canadian-American actor known for his role in ‘New Amsterdam,’ he recently faced a potentially fatal health scare. Labine revealed that what initially seemed like a minor stomach ache turned out to be a critical blood clot in his liver and intestines. This revelation led to a three-day hospital stay as he battled for his life. Thankfully, Labine is now in slow recovery, supported by his family and his girlfriend, Martha. Expressing gratitude for being alive, he shared that this experience has prompted him to reevaluate what truly matters in life.

Tyler Labine’s health update prompted an outpouring of support and well wishes from various individuals, including fellow actors, co-stars, and celebrities. Actress Fiona Gubelmann expressed her sympathy, writing,  “Oh, man. I’m so sorry. Sending healing thoughts.” Ricky Gonzalez, Labine’s co-star in ‘Reaper,’ sent love and positive energy, stating, “Sending you love and energy bro. Blessings.” Comedian and actor Paul F. Tompkins simply wrote, “Feel better buddy.” Alejandro Hernandez, who has also worked on ‘New Amsterdam,’ sent love, saying, “Sending love hermano.” Nestor Carbonell expressed his sympathy, writing, “I’m so sorry to hear this, Tyler. Here’s to a strong and speedy recovery.” The supportive messages demonstrate the care and concern shared by those in Labine’s professional circle.

Subsequently, he made the brave decision to share his personal journey with the show’s producers, who embraced and incorporated it into the show. Labine revealed his struggles with binge eating, fad dieting, and even a suicide attempt at the young age of 12. After years of silent suffering, he finally sought help. Playing the role of Iggy on the show proved to be a therapeutic experience for him, and he aspires to be a source of inspiration for others facing similar challenges. He stated, “It’s been really cathartic to embark on this journey with Iggy … but it’s a big breakthrough for me to tell my story, and hopefully it will help other people.” 

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