Two strangers hurry to the car after the mother ejected, but two little girls are still trapped in backseat

“Life is too short and unpredictable not to live it exactly as you please.” – Unknown

Bonnie Baum Roth was a shining star. She liked life, was optimistic, and was content.

On Friday, July 15, Bonnie Baum Roth and her two young daughters had a hectic but beautiful day.

They were prepared and ready to go when it was 8 a.m. Bonnie traveled to Long Beach with Moxie, 9, and Roxie, 3, for a dancing competition.

In an interview with KCTV 5, Bonnie’s mom, Cheryl Baum, said, “All their dance costumes, everything ready to go, they were excited.”

Their lives were transformed in an instant.

The California Highway Patrol reported that Bonnie lost control of the SUV. She swerved into the median strip with her car.

The vehicle then came to rest on Interstate 8 in the westbound direction. Everything took place quickly. Bonnie was ejected from her SUV due to the impact.

She died instantly.

Cheryl said: “We’re crushed. My soul is crushed.”

Bonnie was an extremely joyful individual. She had a strong sense of purpose in life and desired to experience it to the utmost. She loved being a mother and would always be there for her children.

She was a loving mother to her children. She always showed up to support her dancers at competitions.

Cheryl thought of her adorable daughter: “She would whistle and yell for them and support them and say, ‘You get it, girl!’”

Thanks to the assistance of two kind people, the children miraculously survived with a few cuts and stitches.

In order to find the two “angels” who saved her granddaughters, Cheryl appealed to the general public.

Two persons arrived at the scene as soon as the collision occurred and brought the girls to safety.

The SUV was completely covered with gas, making an explosion possible at any time.

Cheryl said, “Any moment, that car could have burst into flames”.  

It didn’t matter to the two decent Samaritans. Even though it was difficult, they went there and didn’t leave until they had managed to free the females from the car wreckage.

“I heard that it was very difficult for them to get them out. The babies were screaming. Anything could have happened to them.”

Not only that, but the two good Samaritans had already finished rescuing the girls about ten minutes prior to the arrival of the rescuers.

Additionally, they were able to conceal Bonnie’s body, protecting the young girls from the horrifying sight.

Cheryl appealed to people for assistance.

She said: “We’re pleading for you to come forward. You’re our heroes. You’re our champions.”

The Baum family is unable to imagine what would have happened in their absence.

They were heroes because they provided the young ladies with a second chance at life.

Bonnie would want her family to look for them.

“The little girls have asked where their friends were who helped them out of the car. We want to thank you. You’re part of our family now.”

These heroes really are angels in human form.

As a result of the terrible event, Cheryl established a GoFundMe account in order to receive financial assistance for herself and her family.

As of this moment, the total amount raised through GoFundMe was $60,193.

The authorities have given the public their word that drugs or alcohol were not the key factors in the tragic event and the investigation into the matter is still ongoing.