Two brothers pay a visit to their father’s grave and speak to him about their life without him

A close-knit Colorado Springs family of four enjoyed their time together. However, when illness separated the dad from his sons, their world came to a grinding halt. The sons never shed a tear at their dad’s passing despite the anguish.

Mason and Mylan’s proud parents are dad Alfred “Fred” Brazel and mom Kait Brazel. They treasured the boys dearly, and Fred encouraged his children to be self-assured and goal-oriented.

The family of the devoted father, who was a staff sergeant in the army, was pleased with everything he had accomplished. The Brazels, however, were taken aback when doctors delivered a startling prognosis: Fred had cancer.

No Tears Were Ever Fell on The Children

The family’s world was permanently altered by the momentous news, and on July 31, 2017, they had to bid their hero farewell. Although devastated, Kait and her boys held onto their faith in God’s plan and stayed hopeful.

In order to honor their father, Mason stepped up and took care of his younger brother while teaching him new skills. The lads were encouraging and resilient, never sobbing despite the terrible loss.

Their mother explained why her sons had such strength in the face of difficulty, noting that they were aware that their narrative would influence others and alter lives. Kait said: “I tell them, ‘We are here as tools for God.’ That’s how we went with it and how we justified it. That’s what we believe.”

When They Laid Their Hero to Rest

Alishia Elwell Potter, a photographer, considered it a privilege to be able to photograph the Brazel family at the funeral services for Fred. Kait shed a few tears over the memory, and she promised that she would always hold on to the photographs.

In addition to that, she conveyed to him her most sincere sentiments by saying:  “Fred, I sure hope I did you justice. Kait told me you wished I could photograph your family one more time, and so I did. Rest in peace, my friend.”

Kait recalled Mylan telling her that he could sense his father’s presence at the cemetery, and that right before they left, he implored his mother to stop because he needed to go back and do something. The things he did left her in utter disbelief.

Coming Face to Face with His Tombstone for the Very First Time

During the month of November, Kait’s family went to Arlington National Cemetery to pay their respects at the grave of their late dad. It was a difficult experience for her.

Her sons’ tombstone became a precious spot for them to pray and have meaningful conversations with their father. The young men brought a blanket with them and spent some time with Fred, talking to him about everything that had been going on in their lives just as they would have done if Fred were still with them.

The guys told their father about their achievements in athletics, including how they had won awards, and they also informed him about a Halloween party that they had recently attended. After reciting their prayers , Mason and Mylan both laid down next to the gravestone and fell sleep.

As she watched with astonishment, Kait was filled with pride at their fortitude and commitment to upholding their dad’s memory. Her husband’s aim had been to reach people and lead them to God, and she thought he would have cherished what the boys were doing.

“He fulfilled everything he needed to here on this earth. We’re just really proud of him in how he fought.”

One Final Gesture That Will Warm Your Heart

Kait reported that when they were at the cemetery, Mylan sensed the presence of his father there, and just before they left, he told his mother to stop because he needed to go back and do something. She was completely taken aback by his behavior.

He was determined to give his dad a hug, so he did. The young child made a simple yet warm gesture by encircling the gravestone with his arms.

Even though the family was still suffering greatly, they were aware that things will eventually get better. Although Fred’s passing will always be a part of their tale, it can serve as motivation to live passionately and purposefully.