Twin sisters, 60, have been working at the same place for 40 years, and won gold in the Special Olympics

I feel sorry for people who didn’t have a sister when they were growing up.

Even though I’m biased because I grew up with three sisters, I think that sisterhood is one of the strongest bonds that can ever exist.

My sisters and I talk to each other often. Even when we fight, which happens a lot, we always get back together quickly. Simply put, there is no part of my life that they don’t improve.

So, I can’t help but feel jealous of the two twin sisters from Utah who have worked together at the same McDonald’s restaurant for 40 years.

Reports say that Ellen Hamilton and her sister Elaine Hamilton began working at the 3300 S. When they were both 20, they worked at the Main Street McDonald’s in Salt Lake. These days, everyone in their neighborhood knows and loves them.

“This one is my home,” Elaine said to KSL. “I know the people here. I know the manager. I know the people.”

Elaine, who is now 60 years old, said that customers often tell her and Ellen how good of a job they do.

Ellen said that she loves her job because it has given her the chance to meet “a lot of people” at the restaurant where she works.

In fact, Elaine and Ellen, who are best friends and say they love working together, do such a good job that a customer recently contacted the president of McDonald’s to praise them.

Darin Angeli, who works for Watson Management, which owns and runs the Salt Lake McDonald’s, held a ceremony at the restaurant last Friday to honor the sisters’ long service.

“It just means a lot to us, when we can keep employees that long,” he said. “Not only do they make our customers happy, but they make us happy, too. They’ve been around for so long, we can trust and rely on them. They show up every day, and so it means everything. It means the world to us.”

Greg Hamilton, Ellen and Elaine’s brother, said that his sisters work very hard and “take care of all of us.”

“It’s really amazing that they have done so well, especially since my parents have both passed away,” he said. “They still live in the same house that we all grew up in.”

“I’m just so thrilled that McDonald’s has been so willing to work with them.”

Now, this isn’t the first time anyone has paid attention to the sisters. Reports say that both of them have been competing in the Special Olympics for a long time and that they both recently won gold medals in bocce ball.

The women’s sister-in-law said that neither Ellen nor Elaine has any plans to leave their jobs. “Sixty” is just a number to them, it seems.