Twin siblings walk across all 50 states to increase awareness and gather support for foster children

In a remarkable journey of resilience, Davon and Tavon Woods, born to an addict mother and placed in foster care at the age of two, are walking 20 miles in all 50 states to raise awareness and support for children in the foster care system. These inspiring 27-year-old twins from South Carolina, once feeling that the streets would be their only home, have found a new purpose in their mission.

Having already covered over 20 states, the determined brothers show no signs of slowing down until their message reaches every corner of the country. Their friend, Felicia Bradshaw, spoke of their unwavering dedication, stating, “Davon and Tavon are working toward a goal. They want to reach the 50 states, and they are almost there. They are determined young men with a powerful message to convey,” in an interview with Good Morning America.

Davon and Tavon, driven by their own challenging life experiences, aim to inspire hope in children in foster care who may have felt abandoned or lost. “We do it because growing up, we didn’t know what love was. I never heard ‘I love you.’ Just so much hurt, so much anger,” shared Davon. “Instead of allowing our past to defeat us, we channel that pain to motivate children around the world.”

Their commitment to fostering change led them to establish Foster Kids Matter, an organization dedicated to supporting foster children in Georgia and fighting for the well-being of every child in the system. Reflecting on his inspiration, Davon explained, “I became an advocate for foster kids because of my own experiences. Without that, I would have never taken this path.”

Colleen Kelly, their former teacher, marveled at the twins’ ability to transform their pain into something beautiful. “They’re incredibly resilient. Despite their hardships, they’ve managed to find their voice and share their story. I’m deeply grateful for them and the opportunity they have to make a difference.”

The twins’ ultimate goal is to establish high-quality foster care and housing facilities for young people transitioning out of the foster care system. Davon shared their recent efforts, stating, “Last year alone, we provided shelter for seven to eight young adults who aged out of foster care. We opened our doors when we didn’t even have a place to call our own. It’s crucial for these kids to know that we love them and care about their well-being.”

Through initiatives like “Keeping It Fresh,” a program that collaborates with foster care organizations to provide new shoes to children in foster care, Davon and Tavon aim to boost the confidence of these deserving individuals. Their dedication has not gone unnoticed, as Designer Brands surprised them with a generous $10,000 donation to Foster Kids Matter. Davon expressed their gratitude, emphasizing, “We will ensure that this support is utilized effectively to bless the lives of these children.”

When the twins were adopted into the Woods family at the age of two, their adoptive family proved far from ideal. “We endured a difficult childhood with our adoptive family,” explained Davon. “We experienced physical and verbal abuse, and our voices were silenced. They never once expressed their love for us. We felt like mere financial assets, yet we were too young and afraid to confide in anyone about what was happening at home.”

These challenging experiences led the twins down a troubled path during their teenage years, involving drugs, dropping out of school, and even multiple suicide attempts by Davon. However, their own transformation fueled a commitment to support other foster care children and inspire them to find hope. Davon emphasized their unwavering resolve.