Two little twin girls fend off their mother’s attacker using toys, a hairdryer, and a stick

Police in Florida have hailed a pair of 6-year-old twins as “little heroes” after they said the children used their toys and hairdryer to fend off their mother’s attacker, giving her enough time to find safety.

According to News 6 Orlando, Melbourne police responded to a disturbance call from the mother at 1:21 p.m., in which she told officers that she had been attacked in her own home by her boyfriend, Andrew Williams, Jr.

According to the outlet, Williams was “unexpectedly surprised” when the mother’s twin daughters tried to protect her with toys, sticks, and a hairdryer.

According to News 6, police dubbed the two girls “little heroes” after they assisted their mother in fleeing to the bathroom for safety.

“The little heroes grabbed toys, sticks, and a hair dryer and began to fend off Williams to protect their mother. With the help of the girls, Hill was able to retreat to a bathroom for safety,” the police said, reported Fox 6. Officers say that the 33-year-old suspect was fended off and fled the apartment and was eventually taken into custody.

Williams was arrested by police officials shortly after running away from the mother’s apartment, according to the outlet. 

The mother while talking to Fox 35, proudly called her daughters heroes. Narrating the details, she said, “He charged at me. I was begging him because I didn’t know what he would do to me. He turned dark.” Talking about the girls, the mother said, “My daughters are heroes, one took a drumstick and other one took hair dryer. They didn’t stop.” When the daughters were asked, “You would do anything for your mom?” One of them quickly responded by saying, “I’d die for mommy.”

According to records by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Williams is charged with two misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana under 20 grams and threatening to do violence. 

Carrie Jacobs, a neighbor of the family, hailed the girls as heroes as well. She said, “They protected their mom. It’s a good thing they did that because their mom is still here today.”

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