Twelve-year-old Boy Loses Leg While Rescuing Mom and Baby Brother on the Way to School

A brave 12-year-old boy showcased incredible heroism as he saved his mother and baby brother from a life-threatening car accident. What appeared to be an ordinary morning commute to school transformed into a fateful day that would forever shape his life.

On an ordinary Friday morning, young Parker Strong, a spirited 12-year-old boy, awoke with enthusiasm and eagerness for the day that lay ahead. Swiftly preparing for school, he eagerly emerged from his home and settled into his mother’s car, excitedly anticipating the journey to school.

Exhibiting his caring nature as an older sibling, Parker lent a hand to his mother, assisting her in securing his baby brother snugly in his car seat. With a joyful spirit, the spirited young student anticipated a day filled with engaging classes, reconnecting with friends, and embracing the first Friday of the school year.

As his mother maneuvered the car out of their driveway, the trio embarked on their journey, filled with lively conversations about the exciting prospects awaiting them that day.

A seemingly typical school day quickly transformed into a catastrophic event

Around 20 minutes into their drive, an urgent call was made to Emergency Medical Services, summoning them to rescue the family from a devastating car accident. In a heartfelt interview, Parker’s mother, Sharonda Strong, tearfully recounts the sheer disbelief they experienced:

“The morning of the accident was like any regular morning. It was the first Friday of the school year, so it was still exciting. We were like, alright, let’s get ready, let’s take a picture, you know?”

Having proudly captured adorable snapshots of her son, the family embarked on their journey. However, as Strong mustered the strength to recount the events that unfolded while she was behind the wheel, tears welled up in her eyes, overwhelmed by the heartbreaking memories of the tragic incident:

“As we’re traveling from [home], we got past the high school, and Parker said we were just talking in the car. And he said I kind of started stumbling [over] my words, and he said that I just – I wasn’t responding to him.”

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A screenshot depicting Sharonda Strong becoming emotional while recounting the tragic car crash was shared in a YouTube video uploaded on July 6, 2022 | Source: Children’s

Upon the conclusion of her statement, the scene shifts to include Parker. The courageous young boy steps forward, bravely recollecting his memories of the moments preceding the harrowing incident:

“I remember [me] having a conversation with my mom, and then [all of a sudden] she just stopped speaking to me. In mid-response.”

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A screenshot from a YouTube video uploaded on July 6, 2022, captures Parker and his mother strolling through a park, enjoying a peaceful moment together | Source:

Parker’s Heroic Feat That Saved His Family’s Lives

During the drive, Strong experienced a sudden seizure that rendered her unconscious, leaving her unable to respond to Parker’s desperate attempts to communicate with her. In a display of remarkable courage, the young boy sprang into action, unbuckling his seatbelt and seizing control of the wheel as the car careened out of control, veering into oncoming traffic, despite his limited experience behind the wheel.

As Parker grabbed hold of the steering wheel, the vehicle collided with a tree. He vividly recounted the rapid sequence of events and the urgency with which he had to act in that critical moment.

“It escalated quickly. Everything happened so fast, [and] I had to think on my feet.”

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A screenshot from a YouTube video of Parker and his little brother sharing a tender moment of laughter posted on July 6, 2022 | Source: Children’s

Mama Strong expressed immense pride in her son’s remarkable bravery during that pivotal moment. Reflecting on the horrifying experience, she emphasized that Parker’s actions that morning undeniably rescued their lives:

“Parker was [seated] in the back, [and as soon as] he realized something was wrong, he [immediately] unbuckled his seatbelt and got to the front [of the car] to take over the wheel. He saved our lives.”

Young hero Parker exhibited an extraordinary life-saving reflex that few possess. Reflecting on the moment, he emphasizes how his intuitive response empowered him to assume command of the vehicle. Parker reiterates:

“I remember grabbing the wheel, steering away from the traffic, and then from there [are] just like a few moments I remember. I remember screaming, [and] I remember seeing my brother. My eyes felt foggy, and I remember looking down, and [that’s when] I saw my ankle had broken.”

The injuries sustained by the family members varied in severity. Parker’s mother endured a few broken fingers and a fracture in her tailbone, while her youngest son, fortunately, escaped serious harm and only required a few stitches for minor injuries.

Regrettably, Parker’s injuries proved more severe compared to those of his mother and baby brother. The 12-year-old boy was swiftly transported to the hospital with a broken ankle, punctured kidneys, fractured ribs, and a perforated gallbladder.

His mother remembers:

“I woke up…in the trees, I was in the bushes, and I heard the baby in the backseat screaming. And I heard Parker screaming get me out of this car before I die. They finally got Parker out of the car, and they put him in the ambulance, and they just took him away.”

Following a lengthy hospitalization spanning two months, Parker remained admitted for nineteen days. During this time, medical professionals conveyed the unfortunate news that his leg would require amputation due to a blocked blood flow caused by his broken ankle. Understandably devastated by the revelation, the young boy grappled with overwhelming emotions. In the months that followed the amputation, his mental health deteriorated rapidly, prompting concerns raised by his mother:

“He developed severe depression and anxiety.”

Following the heart-wrenching accident, Parker has managed to find happiness and thrive despite the challenges he faced.

Thanks to the assistance and benevolence of the Pediatric Orthotic and Prosthetic Services (POPS) team at Greenville’s Shriner’s Children’s, Parker received a prosthetic leg tailored to his needs. This remarkable development has granted him comfort, stability, and the freedom to actively participate in sports once more.

Strong affirms that Parker has successfully regained his happiness and continues to face life’s challenges with a resilient and optimistic attitude. Presently, the young boy actively participates in his middle school basketball team, showcasing his determination and love for the sport.

Parker has transformed his personal pain into a powerful purpose, emerging as an advocate and pillar of support for others who have endured their own tragedies. His profound empathy enables him to connect with individuals who have experienced similar hardships, offering solace and reassurance that they are never alone. As his mother expresses:

“These days, Parker is as strong as ever. The team at Shriner’s Children’s helped break the chains off Parker, and now he’s limitless! They gave him his personality back [and now] Parker is using his story to comfort others.”

Parker’s remarkable display of strength and courage at such a tender age is truly awe-inspiring, surpassing what many adults achieve in a lifetime. The heroic actions of children like him continue to ignite inspiration in those who comprehend the immense significance of their bravery. Presently, Parker leads a life filled with fulfillment and happiness, dedicating himself to his sports endeavors while also providing support to others during their challenging times.

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