TV reporter interrupted by his mother when she drives by while he’s filming: ‘Hi, Baby!’

A local TV reporter in Ohio was surprised when his mom showed up out of the blue. It was a last-minute “take your parent to work day.”

Myles Harris usually covers news in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. On Tuesday, he was out in the field reporting for ABC affiliate WSYX when the camera caught the sweet moment of a proud mom and an embarrassed son.

A video of the funny exchange was posted on the reporter’s Instagram account, where it has been seen more than 734k times since it was posted earlier this week.

At the beginning of the 21-second film, Harris is seen getting ready to shoot a story while standing with his back to a road. When he turns his head to check on the road, it seems that he is quickly aware of an oncoming car, since he is able to recognize his mother even from a considerable distance. Harris abruptly turns to the cameraman and informs him, while simultaneously flapping his arms in exasperation and displaying a put-upon expression: “That’s my mom. Hold on.” Exactly at that moment, a black automobile pulls up next to him with the window down, and Harris’s mom yells out to him in an excited manner, “Hi, baby!”

Check out their cute conversation below: