Troopers rescue abducted 5-yr-old and find second missing child in car’s back seat

When a child is reported missing, the focus is on finding the child and reuniting them with their loved ones. In a heartwarming story, a family aided authorities in finding their precious lost child.

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol received a concerning call from the Rock Hill Police Department about a child kidnapping on a regular day. The kidnapped child was a five-year-old girl. After receiving unsettling complaints from an elementary school, authorities were alerted about the abduction. Jovan Orlando Bradshaw, 38, allegedly took control of a child in violation of specific custody agreements.

It is believed that the 5-year-old child was Bradshaw’s own daughter, whom he was denied custody of at the time. The case was classified as a custodial interference case by Rock Hill police. Bradshaw and the child had fled the state and were driving through North Carolina on their way to Virginia. Troopers observed the car on I-85 and successfully located and stopped the suspect vehicle, leading to Bradshaw’s arrest for kidnapping.

9-year-old boy approaches an unfamiliar police officer and discreetly hands over a note


To their surprise, another child was discovered in the truck, a kid who had been missing since May 2022. According to the Rock Hill police, Bradshaw obtained the second child in a similar manner, by picking them up from school and unlawfully detaining them in his care for six months. The first child was abducted on May 23, 2022, although it was not reported to the authorities.

Both children are now in the custody of Orange County Child Protective Services and will soon be reunited with their parents. This story could have ended very differently, but fortunately, all children were safely found. As Trooper Z. D. Gibbs and Trooper S. A. Harvin put it, “It’s moments like these that make a tremendous difference in a child’s life.”