Trio of friends notice elderly woman dining alone at the restaurant and invite her to join them

Jamario Howard and his friends, JaMychol Baker and Tae Knight, were at Brad’s Restaurant in Oxford, Alabama, waiting for their dinner to arrive when Jamario noticed an elderly woman eating alone at a nearby table. Feeling upset that she was on her own, he approached her and asked if he could sit with her. She accepted, and they started talking.

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Facebook/Jamario Howard

During their conversation, the woman shared that her husband had recently passed away and that the next day would have been their 60th wedding anniversary. Feeling sympathetic, Jamario offered his condolences and invited the woman to join him and his friends at their table.

Moved by the experience, Jamario took to Facebook to share his story along with a photo of the group, encouraging others to be kind and understanding towards people, as everyone has a story. He also reminded people to visit their loved ones, saying, “GO SEE YOUR MOM AND YOUR GRANDPARENTS. They miss you!!”