Tragic Loss as 6-Year-Old Succumbs Weeks After Father’s Fatal Lightning Strike

Father and son struck by lightning, tragic loss as young boy passes away after weeks of fighting: ‘Please pray for healing’

The news of a father and son being struck by lightning has left everyone in shock. While the father tragically did not survive the lightning strike, the son, Grayson Boggs, fought valiantly for a month following the heartbreaking incident.

Grayson, a 6-year-old boy, and his 34-year-old father Matthew Boggs were walking hand in hand in their Valley Hills driveway when the unimaginable occurred—a lightning strike struck both of them, causing fatal injuries.

Matthew passed away immediately, but Grayson held on. He was rushed to Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Medical Center in Temple, where his family refused to give up hope despite a grim prognosis.

In an effort to give Grayson the best chance at recovery, his family launched a campaign and GoFundMe fundraiser. However, even after several weeks since the incident on May 15, the young boy showed little improvement, leading doctors to advise the removal of life support on June 13. Tragically, Grayson passed away just three days later.

The devastating incident took place at around 5 p.m. on May 15, 2023, when Matthew walked to the bus stop to pick up his sons. Elijah, Grayson’s older brother, had temporarily separated from them, and it was during this time that tragedy struck, accompanied by a loud clap of thunder.

Elijah, recalling the scene, rushed back to his father and brother, initially unaware of the severity of the situation.

“I was really scared. I rolled Grayson over, and he was kind of smiling a little bit,” 11-year-old Elijah said during an interview. “I thought they were just joking, but when I rolled my dad over, the middle of his head was bleeding, and his face was already purple.”

Matthew’s mother, Angela Boggs, was present at home and witnessed the horrifying incident unfold. She hurried to the side of her son and grandson, joined by concerned neighbors who tried to administer life-saving measures while awaiting emergency services.

Post-incident reports indicated that Grayson appeared physically unharmed, but doctors were uncertain about any potential brain damage.

A close family friend, Stephanie Burris, initiated a GoFundMe fundraiser to provide updates and support for Grayson. From the beginning, doctors had informed the family that the young boy was heavily sedated and reliant on a ventilator for breathing.

On May 19, an update was posted, stating, “Grayson has sustained a major anoxic brain injury. The doctors said that Grayson may not walk, talk, eat, or possibly see again.” The update continued, “What that means for the family is that when Grayson gets to come home, he will require total care with frequent appointments and therapies.”

The fundraiser remained a constant source of information regarding Grayson’s health. Although his condition remained stable, it was determined that further improvement was unlikely. An update shared the difficult news, stating, “Today we had a care conference with Grayson’s healthcare team. The doctors informed us that the state Grayson is in is how he will remain for the rest of his life.”

At that point, Grayson’s mother, Kayla, made the heartbreaking decision to remove her son from the ventilator and register him as an organ donor. Friends and family gathered to bid their farewells during his final days.

“Please just pray that we keep him comfortable at this time and pray for healing for the family. We may not know what God’s plan is, but we know he has his arms wrapped around Grayson at this time,” Burris wrote regarding the decision.

Grayson passed away the following day. The campaign had raised a total of $102,000, exceeding the $100,000 target.

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