Touching Encounter: Server’s Heartwarming Response to Customer with Cerebral Palsy Goes Viral

Amidst all the distressing news that fills our lives, it is crucial to take a moment and acknowledge those individuals who are diligently working to create a better world.

When we think of such people, we often recall those who have accomplished extraordinary acts of generosity, feats that seem beyond our own reach.

However, making the world a better place can often begin with a simple act, one that can have a profound impact on a single family and subsequently inspire a chain of kindness.

In 2016, Lee Bondurant, who lives with cerebral palsy, decided to celebrate his birthday at his beloved restaurant, the 42nd Street Oyster Bar in Raleigh, North Carolina, surrounded by friends and family.

As Lee entered the establishment, a familiar face greeted him—a dedicated server known as “Five.”

Five, who worked two jobs and was preparing to resume classes in 2017, not only served Lee and his party but also performed an act that caught the attention of countless individuals on social media.

Observing that Lee’s condition made it challenging for him to eat independently, Five noticed Lee’s mother feeding him and stepped in to provide her with a much-needed respite, allowing her to enjoy her own meal.

“I didn’t want her food or his food to get cold because seafood is best eaten hot,” explained Five, as reported by ABC 11. “I just wanted to help a fellow man out.”

Deeply moved by Five’s assistance in the bustling restaurant, Lee’s mother captured a photograph of him feeding her son and shared it on social media.

Little did she know that this image would resonate with so many people, swiftly becoming a viral sensation.

Despite not having a Facebook profile, Five was informed by his boss about the image’s remarkable popularity, and soon he began receiving recognition wherever he went.

“People at the gas station want to buy me gas, and I say no!” exclaimed Five, as recounted by ABC11.

“I’ve received letters from Austria, Australia, Canada, and different states,” he continued. “I’ve never experienced this level of attention in my entire life.”

Grateful for the overwhelming response, Five revealed that some of the letters even contained monetary contributions. He promptly established a fund in Lee’s name for a cerebral palsy foundation, utilizing the received donations.

Lee, touched by the kindness of individuals like Five, expressed his gratitude, stating, “I feel incredibly blessed. It demonstrates that there are still good-hearted people in this world.”