Tom Holland, Spider-Man actor, announces his departure from Hollywood: ‘The Business Really Scares Me’

In a candid revelation, 27-year-old English actor Tom Holland, best known for his portrayal of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has expressed his discomfort with the Hollywood industry. During a recent appearance on Jay Shetty’s “On Purpose” podcast, Holland openly discussed his concerns about the detrimental impact that Hollywood can have on mental health and personal lives of celebrities.

“I really do not like Hollywood. It is not for me. The business really scares me,” Holland confessed during the podcast. While he enjoys certain aspects of his work, the actor is acutely aware of the potential dangers associated with being part of the Hollywood machine. Holland actively seeks ways to distance himself from the industry, aspiring to live a life as normal as possible.

“I understand that I’m a part of that business and I enjoy my kind of interactions with it. But that said, I am always looking for ways to kind of remove myself from it, to kind of just live as normal a life as possible.”

During the podcast, Holland admitted that sharing his thoughts openly was a rare occurrence for him. He emphasized the importance of not losing oneself in the industry, citing examples of people he knew who had succumbed to the pressures and pitfalls of Hollywood, ultimately drifting away from their true selves. The actor acknowledged the loss of friendships as a result of individuals getting consumed by the business.

Holland reflected on his personal experiences, revealing that he had lost friendships with people he grew up with due to them losing themselves in the entertainment industry. He expressed a strong desire to prioritize his own happiness, which revolves around his family, friends, carpentry, golf, and the charity work his mother is involved in. Holland acknowledged the need to safeguard and prioritize these aspects of his life that bring him genuine joy.

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