Toddler cradles their newborn baby sister for the first time and makes vow to protect her

The arrival of their newest family member was eagerly anticipated by a family in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. While the older brother was also excited, it was the three-year-old sister, Molly, who was most thrilled about the impending birth of Baby Cora.

Unlike some older siblings who may feel intense jealousy towards a new arrival and refuse to interact with the new baby, Molly did not display any such behavior. She did not cry, throw tantrums or make requests for the baby to be exchanged for a pet like a puppy or a pony.

As soon as Molly got the opportunity to hold her new baby sister, she resolved to never release her grip.


Wrapped in an exquisite navy blue floral blanket with a soft peachy pink cap covering her delicate head, Baby Cora was placed beside Molly on her mother Heather Conley’s hospital bed. This allowed the mother of three to capture the precious moment when Molly met her new baby sister.

Little did Heather know that she was about to witness an incredibly heartwarming interaction.

As the two sisters were introduced to each other, Baby Cora was carefully placed on Molly’s lap, cradled between her knees. With her arms wrapped around the newborn, the three-year-old was immediately captivated by her new baby sister. The bond between the two was truly enchanting.


Fixing a mesmerized gaze upon her tiny baby sister, Molly was fascinated by how delicate she appeared. While Heather recorded the precious moment between the two sisters, she cautioned Molly to handle the baby with care.

“Be gentle. Be really gentle.”

With gentle pats and tender caresses, Molly showed affection to her new baby sister, Baby Cora. She stroked her hands up and down the little one’s swaddled body before making the most endearing promise to protect her.

“You just came out of mommy’s belly. I won’t drop you … I won’t let you go anymore.”


Overcome with affection, Molly couldn’t help but give her baby sister a tender hug. She planted gentle kisses on her and rubbed her cheek against Baby Cora’s before continuing to gaze lovingly at their new addition to the family.

“You’re so cute.”

Molly showered her baby sister with even more kisses, indicating that she is a valuable assistant to Heather. Molly may even possess the talent of being a baby whisperer!

Heather was amazed by what she was witnessing and delighted that she was able to record the entire thing.

“I just got that on video.”

Molly, the inquisitive older sister, inquired whether they could remove the hat of Baby Cora. However, their mother advised her against it and was surprised by how gently Molly was handling the baby. She shared their conversation on Twitter and is astonished by the number of views their video has received.

“Everyone loves it. It’s just so innocent.”


“I can’t stand it. Too much cuteness!”