Tina Turner’s 2nd husband rescued her from abusive first marriage, leading her to find happiness and true love

The global music community is in mourning as the renowned Tina Turner passes away at 83 years old.

Known for chart-topping hits like ‘Simply the Best’ and ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It,’ the singer’s publicist confirmed her demise, prompting fans worldwide to pay their respects to the legendary artist.

With over 100 million albums sold and a remarkable collection of a dozen Grammy awards, she earned the title of ‘The Queen of Rock and Roll,’ leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

Her husband, German music executive Erwin Bach, whom she credits with helping her discover true love after enduring abuse in her previous marriage to Ike Turner, is left behind as her legacy continues.

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Tina Turner revealed that Ike had subjected her to fear and frequent physical abuse. In his memoirs, Ike Turner admitted to hitting and punching Tina, causing her to fall to the ground.

During her second marriage, Tina encountered her true love, Bach, and their union lasted an impressive 37 years.

In 1986, their love story began when music executive Bach was sent by EMI to greet Tina Turner at Dusseldorf Airport upon her arrival. From the moment they met, they felt an immediate connection.

Although Bach was there to present a gift—a Mercedes Jeep—from the record company, Tina was captivated by Erwin himself. In her memoir, “My Love Story,” she described their encounter as “love at first sight.” The intensity of their connection caused her heart to beat rapidly, overpowering all other sounds, while her hands turned cold.

She pondered that this must be what people mean by love at first sight, acknowledging her unpreparedness for such an overwhelming experience.

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After their initial meeting, their relationship was confirmed later that same year, and they have remained together ever since. However, it took them 27 years to tie the knot, as Tina and Erwin finally got married in 2013.

A few years after their marriage, Tina’s health took a serious turn. She had already overcome intestinal cancer and a stroke when doctors informed her that her kidneys were failing.

Despite the option of dialysis, Tina refused, expressing her desire not to be dependent on a machine to sustain her life. She even considered assisted suicide as a potential outcome.

In a twist of fate, a transplant appeared to be her only hope for survival. It was at this critical moment that Erwin bravely stepped forward and selflessly donated one of his kidneys to his wife.

Erwin revealed in “My Love Story” that he didn’t desire another woman or another life. He made the heartfelt decision to offer Tina one of his organs so that she could continue to live.

Through testing, it was determined that Erwin was a suitable donor for his wife. In April 2017, the couple underwent surgery for a kidney transplant, with Erwin generously donating one of his kidneys to Tina.

Tina vividly captured the most incredible moment when Erwin entered her room, effortlessly maneuvering his wheelchair. She recounted their heartwarming reunion following the life-saving procedure.

Erwin exuded an aura of grace and even radiated a captivating charm as he eagerly greeted her, saying, “Hi, darling! I was so emotional – happy, overwhelmed and relieved that we’d come through this alive.”

2023: Turner Dies at 83

In the latter stages of her life, Tina took on the responsibility of diligently caring for her transplanted kidney. Reflecting on her journey, she acknowledged that her kidney failure resulted directly from neglecting her physical well-being. She regretted not recognizing the potential consequences of her persistent high blood pressure earlier.

Tragically, on May 24, 2023, Tina peacefully passed away, having endured health struggles and the heartbreaking loss of two of her children. The world bid farewell to the legendary musician, who reached the age of 83 and spent her final years in the loving company of her husband. Despite the myriad challenges she faced during this period, Tina found solace and contentment in the tapestry of her life.

Expressing her sentiments, the vocalist declared that there existed no greater desire left within her for life. With a profound sense of tranquility, she openly admitted to feeling “serene” in her retirement. Despite encountering a multitude of seemingly insurmountable challenges throughout her existence, Tina embraced a deep sense of pride in having triumphed over each and every one of them.

In her last moments, Tina found solace within the walls of her home in Kusnacht, nestled near Zurich, Switzerland, where her cherished companion Erwin faithfully stood by her side. According to reports, the singer peacefully departed from this world. In Erwin’s final letter addressed to Tina, he tenderly concluded with the words, “All my love always your loving husband.”

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